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I've been really busy lately, and have been having some bad luck, so haven't had much time to follow up on this linex issue.

So I went in and they fixed it. One of the nicest guys I've ever met, and was the best customer service experience I've ever had. He told me he'd strip the entire bed(8 hours of work) and respray it if I wanted, or try to puncture it and super glue it. I told him let's try the glue first and if it doesn't work I'll be back. So far so good, still holding fine. Took him about 15 minutes to repair, and we BS'd about trucks and other things for about 2 hours lol. He had a ram 2500 and his wife has a 1500. They had a ton of stuff sprayed on their trucks, and some other neat things in the office(like a styro foam cooler).

I also got my under cover swing case toolbox installed. I love this box, but not without some issues first... First of all, Clark with autoanything has been great and a huge help. Nevertheless, it didn't fit(not his fault). The box wouldn't latch close due to hitting the tie down hook. So I decided I liked the box so much I'd put some more time/money into it to make it fit. I bought some aluminum flat stock and made shims to push it out further. It worked great, and fits great now. A bit frustrating...but oh well. Then a week later I realized the damn bracket is already rusting(mainly in areas where the screws took the paint off). So I had to wire brush the 1 week old bracket and spray some rustoleum gloss black spray paint over these areas. Should be good now.

This box is pretty cool, really good design, but I just hope it holds up. I am frustrated that it didn't fit and I had to make it work out, then it's seeming to not last a long time, but it is a really cool box and fits my needs perfectly(I can fit my bike in and shut the tailgate, and have a tool box). Anyway, I guess the big question is....would I buy it again? Well, probably yes. Would I buy another for the other side like I originally planned? Well, probably no. I think I can fit what I need in the one, and not worry about the issues on the opposite side. If it was a better fit and didn't require so much work from me, and I was sure it'd last the life of the truck I'd definitely get it.

So anyway, nothing bad about Clark, but just frustration from that particular product. And it's actually a great product, but obviously they hadn't test fit it on a 4th gen(and amazingly NO 4th gen guys have bought one!?!?!?), and I think they should make the bracket from aluminum(NO rust).

I also will be adding another mini mod to my truck tomorrow and will post pics of it and the toolbox and bedliner tomorrow hopefully. At the latest I'll get pics up during the week.

In line with the bad luck above we bought a tread mill (trying to lose some weight ) and when we plugged it in it just sort of hummed and nothing worked. So we called and it was some useless foreign guy we couldn't understand. So I decided to take it apart and check it out.....HOLY CRAP....."made in china" never sounded worse. There was a wire that went to the display/controls that wasn't plugged in to the circuit board. The belt from the electric motor to the walking belt wasn't attached. The pulley that drives the belt on the electric motor was laying next to the motor, NOT attached. And the worst was that the electric motor end cap, a REALLY sturdy plastic cap was DESTROYED, in pieces. It's amazing because the outer plastics(very fragile, cheap plastic) were perfect, undamaged, which tells me somebody actually assembled this thing with all these F'd up parts. Unbelievable(but then again little ching in china that's 5 years old and works in a sweat shop probably doesn't know better....). Anyway, I know I'm bitching lol, but we called and they sent a new motor and other parts needed and I put it together last night and it works. Still, the metal is formed/welded so poorly the pulleys aren't quite in line....but it works. That's what you get for CHEAP. But I didn't buy I didn't have a say in the purchase...

There's been some other "bad luck"(more of real issues rather than material things....) but I'll quite bitching haha. Everyone goes through bad days/weeks/etc. Every day on this side of the grass is a good day

My exhaust should be on in a few weeks hopefully(running a dedicated line to the garage tomorrow for the welder...).

EDIT: Just realized how long this post was....sorry

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