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Exclamation Cable Undercarriage Driver's Side Loose

I am not very savvy on the specific mechanics of my Ram (I can change the oil, check the fluids, etc - general maintenance)

This morning I ran over a large piece of concrete on my drivers side and heard it hit on the bottom of my truck. I looked underneath it and saw where it hit the frame, but luckily did not dent anything, just a scratch.
My concern is the silver-looking cable that runs along the drivers side from the front to the back near the frame.
I have never noticed it before, it's not ripped or damaged or anything, but it is just hanging freely. Not sure what this cable/wire is, it is in tact but not tight or attached to anything in the middle.

Can anyone tell me what this cable is, and should it be secured to anything like the frame? It is only viewable by looking underneath the truck on the drivers side.

Thank you!
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