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Originally Posted by 99gp View Post
Awesome job man! I am in my 4th year of college for computer programming and I know it can be a real b!tch at times. Good luck and I have to say i'm very impressed by your drive to get things done.

Are you using dreamweaver? That is what I have used in my web classes

I'm actually using Crimson Editor, which is a free text-editor. I just type it up as a HTML document, save it as a HTML (or CSS, depending on type of document) and the computer saves it.

Do you know PHP? Like I said, I'm trying to start learning the bare necessities of PHP, but it's all hard. Unlike CSS and HTML, PHP deals with over-complicated strings, variables, etc.

"If Else..." in PHP is just logic. In my example it made that really simple to understand. It said (quoted)

Money you have to spend= $15
Money cost to see movie= $20

IF: Yes, we have enough money to go to the movie.
ELSE: No, we don't have enough money to go to the movie.

ANSWER: No, we don't have enough money to go to the movie.

Common sense tells us it's "ELSE" because our brains can automatically tell that. But in PHP it's totally different as a computer needs programming to tell the difference.
Below is the amazingly over-complicated code to do the same exact same I did above.

$money = 15; 

if($money > 20) 
echo "Hey we can go to the movie we have $money bucks"; 
echo "Oops we can't go to the movie we have only $money bucks"; 

This is going to be fun! Honestly, I'd take doing 2,000 lines of pure HTML/CSS instead of 500 lines of PHP, MySQL, PERL, CGI, or any of those over-complicated (but rewarding) scripts!
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