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Default RE: Ceramic Coating for Headers

Originally Posted by DOZER View Post
Going to be purchasing a set of ARH long tube headers in a couple of days. Been thinking about having them ceramic coated or wrapping them with that exhaust wrap stuff. what are the pros and cons to each?

ceramic will look good probably for ever, keep heat down under hood
wrap easy to do myself, cheap, keep heat down under hood

ceramic costs a lot, delays me getting them
wrap doesn't look as good, may have to be redone down the road

Did I miss anything??
Hey Dozer:

Normally we don’t recommend wrapping headers without Ceramic Coating them first because the wrap tends to expedite corrosion on mild steel headers. (NOTE, you can only wrap HIGH TEMP CERAMIC. You cannot wrap Bright Ceramic). Since your headers are 304SS that’s not a huge issue. Stainless headers will still oxidize and turn colors but rust usually isn't a huge problem (see below).

So in your case it comes down to your budget and what looks better to you. Wrap is cheaper, effective and comes in 2-3 colors but it tends to get dirty and fray pretty quickly. Ceramic Coating is going to be functional, clean and is offered in about 10 different colors.

Decisions, decisions, decisions……

Wrapped Mild Steel

Uncoated SS

Uncoated Polished 304SS (Ferarri F-430)
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