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REVIEW: S&B Cold Air Intake Scoop [AS-1006] :

I've put just a hair over 800 miles since installing the S&B Scoop. A little more mileage than I originally anticipated but the more the merrier for a better ní more accurate review... right?

For those that may want to knowÖ.

Range was from home [Rich, VA] to V.A Beach, Northern V.A and Nth Carolina/V.A border. Over 60% of those miles were predominantly highway/interstate. Outside temp during the travelling ranged from 35-degrees to 75-dgrees and weather conditions were from clear to down-right miserable.

I had 89 octane Shell gasolines throughout the travels and Iím knocking on 10Kís doorstep for total mileage on my truck. My choice of engine oil is Amsoil Signature 5W-20 and Royal Purple is my filter choice. My only other ďperformanceĒ modification to the truck is the Magnaflow exhaust & Y-pipe in my sig. Ride height, wheels, tires, suspension and the like is all [for the time being] stock.

Performance [butt dyno] & Sound: First performance. Under WOT off the mark, there is a noticeable difference. The truck pulls harder and appears to rev out longer prior to jumping gears. Under normal residential cruising speeds, once you hit it, itís an obvious improvement in ponies and pulls better than before. Now Iíll be honest here and tell you itís NOT a huge improvement thatíll rock the dyno machine, but noticeable none the less. Under highway driving speeds, when you hit it there is a VERY obvious throttle improvement. It gets up to top speeds very quickly and VERY noticeably quicker than before. This was a pleasant surprise!

Sound: This was a change I was NOT expecting. If youíd of read my original review of the intake in this thread, youíll remember how I mentioned the sound [db] of the intake under WOT and how it supplements your exhaust note nicely and gives you that tone all-throughout the vehicle. Well, that sound output has dropped somewhat noticeably as itís a tad mellower now. However, the roar is VERY noticeably deeper [frequency] in exchange.... though at the cost of sound output. So if that sound output [volume] hits a sweet spot with you, be advised that itís a little quiter now. Sound interpretation and volume is relative to the listen so keep in mind that the next person may not deem it quiter than what I haveÖ.or may appear itís much quiter.

Build & Quality & Construction: Typical S&B quality. Very hard ABS-type molded plastic that's molded to shape. It's app. the same thickness [maybe a tad thicker] than the air box assembly of the intake in this thread; though the very bottom lip of the Scoop is slightly flanged and is about twice the thickness of the sleeve. All hardware was included which was also high quality screw/brackets. Once the Scoop is installed, it is VERY rigid and has next to no play/flex to it.... the way it should be. Actually, the very little play that was in the bottom of the intake lip that hung down before is now non-existent.

Ease of Installation / Fit-n-finish: An absolute breeze without any major issues. I took my time and it took me no longer than app. 20mins tops. Mind you, I did pre-plan everything prior to starting [thoroughly read the manual, mounted brackets/screws, had everything laid out, etc...] so I'm sure that contributed to the ease of installation. The supplied illustration/instruction manual is VERY accurate [and real world] and if you follow it as it's laid out, you'll encounter no problems. Everything fits together like a glove with no gaps or visible "out-of-the ordinaries. The only issue I encountered [albeit minor] is tightening the bolts that screw the Scoop into the mouth of the air box. You have to get your arm up into the Scoopís mouth which may pose an issue for some who donít have great reach. No biggieÖ.

Word of caution: Do NOT tighten ANY of the bolts/nuts on your workbench prior to installation as it will make alignment a headache. Hand tighten everything. Even when you have everything in place, tighten the bolt to the skirt frame LAST. This is the bolt that tightens the Scoop's bracket. Trust me on this one and learn from my error.

Concerns: First of all, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, the Scoop in review here is NOT what I anticipated it to look like. I was under the impression it was going to look like - what S&B Filters calls - The Ram Air Scoop. This is the Scoop that has a 90-degree bend [flange] at the bottom of the lip, flares out and that sits under the front bumper skirt [as is seen HERE on a different model]. I donít know what S&B Filterís reasoning for altering the design is but Iím sure they have their valid reasoning.

In and around itself, a pickup truck is generally prone to a little more abuse than your regular street driven car. By abuse, I mean youíll probably never see a street car off-roading and driving through rivers/creeks/lakes/mud or the type of conditions trucks, SUVís and the like at times do. For this reason alone, it makes a lot of sense to NOT have the Ram Air Scoop design on pickup trucks. Maybe this was their reason for a design changeÖ. Or maybe Iím blowing in the wind because there are Ram Air Scoops available for other pickup trucks.

Let me also speak briefly about the "water" and inclement weather issues/concerns and how they may/may not affect the Scoop, and ultimately your vehicle's delicates, that some have risen thru this thread and PM. It's a very valid concern so it deserves its brief spot.

S&B Filters have - to cover their own ass and yours - documented clear warnings on the Scoop's inner [cabin facing] face, the installation manual and their webpage.

I've spoken with S&B Filters and they assured me under "normal" driving conditions, they do NOT anticipate any issues. To date, they have had no reports of issues on any of their Scoops under "normal" driving conditions. I tend to agree; let me explain based on my recent experience. While driving in Sothern VA last weekend, I encountered a hard rain storm for a good 40mins or so on I-95. There were MANY spots of water puddles on the road that I drove thru at or above 70MPH. Once the rain eased and pretty much died off, I pulled off an exit to see what kind of water had made its way into the mouth of the Scoop by feeling and looking with a flashlight [Iíll admit I was a little concerned]. Nothing. The outer shell of the Scoop was covered in water and dried water spots but NO water had made its way inside the Scoop's mouth, Nice.

IMO, this was due to two reasons. One: the bottom lip of the Scoop sits app. 2' or so above the very bottom of the vehicle's skirt. So any water encountered will "probably" be splashed away by the skirt and never see the Scoop directly. I'm guessing this is the reason the Scoop sits where it does and does not hang and flange out below the vehicle's front spoiler skirt.

Two: if any water was to make its way into the Scoop's mouth, S&B Filters have made a "drain" cutout on the Scoop. You can view the cut out channel in photo 8 of the Scoop's installation manual [HERE]. While installing it, I wondered why that particular cutout was so big given the OEM bracket it slots over; now I understand it was a functional thing.

Like I said, without trying to sound like a broken record, under normal driving conditions, water, snow, loose dirt n' debris, etc. should not be an issue.

The flip side of this coin is this: if you do ANY type 4WD'ing or off-road driving in/thru rivers, lakes, creeks, muddiní or the type, then this Scoop is NOT for you! It was never designed for these types of extreme driving conditions and environments so please save your $99.00 on something else as you WILL [most certainly] encounter serious mechanical issues that S&B Filters will NOT cover.

At the dayís end, and when allís said and done, I think this is a damn good buy for $99.00 and I do recommend it as I believe it truly brings out the intake's maximum performance....albeit at the cost of some volume.

Thanks for reading and post any questions/remarks/concerns/issues you may have and Iíll do my best to address them in a timely manner.

Grub out.

PS: Can a Mod or Admin change this thread's title to REVIEW: S&B Filters Intake 75-5064 & Scoop AS-1006 [4TH Gen Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi] so it also reflects this review.... thank you.
Truck was sold today [5/19]. I got an offer I couldn't turn down. I had no more need for a pickup so I cut it loose. About to purchase a '14 Jeep SRT8 this week.

Grub out!
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