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Originally Posted by EdmontonRam View Post
... I am taking my truck to the dealer in 3 days for a shift concern. I am getting a hard/jerk shift around 20-25 kph when accelerating between 1500-2000ish RPM. The truck will do it once warm, if it in in auto mode or manually put in second gear, and it will also do it with or without tow/haul on or off.

I am hoping my description makes sense, is there anything you can think of that I should tell them in hopes to have this fixed.

I have a 2011 5.7L auto crew cab in canada.

Thanks for any help you can provide !!
Sounds like you have a harsh 1-2 upshift. Most likely cause would be a 2C Clutch Volume Index (CVI) that is too high.

You can try to re-learn the 2C volume yourself, before taking it to the dealer, if you want. Make sure the trans sump temp is 110F or higher (you should be able to read it on the EVIC, or just make sure the trans is warmed up normally). Use the ERS switches to limit the trans to 3rd (direct) gear. This will be an ERS display of "4" (since using ERS activates an alternate 2nd gear [ERS "3"] that is not used in normal through-gear accelerations, direct gear is displayed as "4" in ERS mode). Drive about 40 kph, and make repeated part-throttle kickdowns to 2nd gear. Step into the throttle enough to get a downshift, let the shift complete, then lift foot and let it upshift again. Slow back down to 40 kph, then tip in again to make another downshift. Make about 15-20 downshifts in a row. That should re-learn the 2C CVI. Then see if your 1-2 upshifts are better.

If not, have your dealer perform a "quick-learn" procedure on your truck. They do this using a scan tool (it takes about 15 seconds, once they get the tool hooked up). This will reset ALL the trans adaptives to "factory" specs, and re-learn ALL the CVIs. So this should take care of it. If you still have issues, then you may have an internal problem with the 2C accumulator piston spring, or some other component.
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