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Default Detailing Dodge Ram Training Session 101!!

I detail cars on the side and my truck is always cleaned in this process:

1ST: I hook up a Foamer to powerwasher elctric or gas put in any type of Car wash soap to your liking, I foam the truck down let that sit for a couple minutes (try and do this out of the sun) then rinse the truck.

2ND: Take your 2 bucket system and get some boars hair brushes from Walmart only a couple bucks I get the longer one for my wheel wells and the smaller one for my rims and lug nuts easy and soft to the touch so it wont scrape up the rims do your rims first with your chemical solution of liking (I usually do the rims as I am letting the truck sit with foam)(If you are wondering why I do the rims first it is because if you are forced to clean your truck in the sun you won't have to deal with the water spots later down the road being that the sun is beating down on the paint while your making those rims shine), next rinse your rims and wheel wells.

3RD: Then I start a 2 bucket system fresh all over again with car soap of liking and with a wash MIT or sponge which ever you prefer start cleaning your truck starting with the top down to the bottom rims are done so you don't have to worry about them, after that give everything one last rise, next I use an Electric Leaf Blower (HAHAHA) to dry my car completley so I can get all the water out of the crevices (Don't use gas Blowers as they say it can spit out harmful toxins onto your paint).

4TH: I Clay or Nano Skin the truck only when needed though as this step is time consuming.

5TH:I take my Griots Garage 6 Inch Orbiter and a use Meguiars DA Polishing Compound with Meguiars DA Microfiber Compounding pads to the size of your backing plate, make 3 passes up down and side to side do this slowly otherwise it won't come out very well, make sure you apply firm pressure to the Buffer to help the process out (Make sure the Backing Plate is still spinning though otherwise there is no osolation taking place) (Marking the Backing Plate with a Sharpie helps you see the spinning of the backing plate) (This step will remove surface scratches, smaller scratches, Water Spots and swirl marks making that paint like new again).

6TH: I follow that application with Meguiars DA Finishing Wax with Meguiars Microfiber Finishing Wax Pad this Finishing Wax is a sealant (Regular Wax comes off the car with metal body panel tempatures exceding 110 Degrees, Sealant doesnt come off until 1,100 Degrees, also Sealant will last longer than your wax through out the year) you would follow the same process as before 3 passes up and down and side to side, light to no pressure and you can apply it faster then the Compounding stage.

7TH: I use my 3 inch Griots Garage to either get into tough hard spaces with the compounding stage or finishing stage or I use the smaller backing plate and pad to do my rims or my chrome making that pop!

8TH: The Interior is all personal preference I use my carpet extractor so everything looks new, vacuuming first then spraying the chemical of choice and agitating, then I blot the area and get to work with my Carpet extractor your carpet extractor doesnt have to be some proffesional $800 tool, I use the regular Household Extractor but only using the tool attachment on the side for all my upholstrey.

9TH: I use a House hold Steamer and clean all the plastics in the truck so I don't have a billion different mixtures of cleaners in my garage or cleaning station.

10TH: I throw some tire shine on!

11TH: I blacken all the plastics with blackner of choice.

12TH: I steam clean and shine the engine.

Before you know it if you get up early enough it would have taken you about 10 hours just to do the outside, and another 2-5 depending on dirty ness of the interior and the engine bay.

But after its all done you got a truck that looks straight off the show room floor!

I will post up some pics of my truck before and after, Hurricane Sandy just came through Jersey and we are still trying to restore power here as well as Full Water use. Truck is filthy and it kills me to see it the way it is now!! Keep an Eye look out for the updated pics!

Please comment and SHARE YOUR PICS!!

If you guys would like to know where I get my products just message me! And if you want any advice on products just post a comment down below or message me in my inbox.

Thanks for your time and I hope this Training Session helps,

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