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Talking Stoplight Frenzy!

The other day coming home from work,just cruizin along I pull up to a light,and I know that this light has a good straight smooth distance till the next intersection,two lanes,side by side. A newer chevy RCSB with booming stereo,what looked like 24's and lowered with two young cholo's inside pull up. Not my truck isn't pretty like his was,or lowered,had booming with god knows how much steroe equipment. But he did have exhaust and a V8(not sure what size,maybe 5.3),or any other mods to be sure. But I have learned "how" to drive "my" truck. With only exhaust,K&N in the stock box,and a very healthy dose of knowing what my truck will do i sat and waited. Sure enough,with the rumble my truck give at idle he didnt hesitate to rev it up in a challenge. So as any Ram owner would do I looked around(no cops) and looked at him and nodded. He reved again,I however did not. I simply put her in 1,powerbraked to about 1700,and waited for the light. Now I have done hundreds of stoplight races in my days with many different rides(most of them fox body mustangs) and In the year I have owned this truck I havelearned that this combe for stoplights works best. With experience comes wisdom, knowing this intersection well, I can see the crosstraffic light so i can time it pretty well. Unfortunatly for him he did not realize this and when the light turned green I was already lifting my foot off the brake and rolling on the gas so I would not spin the tires very much. Once rolling its wide open and manually shifting to 2nd at 5000 then repeat at 5000 to D. He never had a chance, Got him off the line and stayed about 1 to 1 1/2 car lengths in front till i let off(At about 1/4 mile) so I could have plenty of time to stop for the next light. Of course at the next light it was the same game only a slightly shorter stretch till the next light which was my turn(I was in the right lane).this time he did a little better but still had him by about a half a length. All this with stock intake(minus the filter),stock gears(3.55 according to the hood tag/factory build sheet) and regular ol truck tires(POS ST 245/75R16's with the rear tires running about 22 to 20 PSI)and some exhaust work,dumped at the axle. With a few more mods I am sure that the kill list will grow quickly. BTW the 440 I got from the junked motorhome is finally at the house and waitin for the teardown to see if its not trashed inside,think i may start it tonight since I am off tomorrow will keep yall posted.
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