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Gen1dak will become famous soon enough

You know ramvan, it's funny how you call me rude when YOU are on a thread stating that "Gen1dak will probably be on here to argue with me," then you roll out a totally misguided explanation of what a Big Block is. You jump on me saying my information is wrong about the truck, when in fact, as I showed you, YOU were wrong. For this I am called rude? You think I was rude? Pup, you don't know rude. Not yet, anyway. And for the record, as I believe I have already explained once before, the terms Small Block and Big Block come from a time when the only thing that mattered was whether you had a small V8 or a big V8, Honda I4's need not apply. If your knowledge matched your enthusiasm, you wouldn't be so quick to spew like you do. The F1 specs are closer to 800hp at 18,000rpm, 2.4 liter V8 (small block, BTW). The extreme rpm is a function of horsepower. If the F1 V8 were 8 liters at 18,000rpm it'd kick out 2,500hp. Wow, that'd be great is a 3,000lb grocery-getter. NOT. The F1 is a race engine, and race engines don't mix with street duty.
Actually, there is no replacement for displacement. Technology improves output, but apply that same tech to a larger engine, and it'll be that much better. You cannot cherry-pick a small F1 engine and say it's better than a typical street engine, just as you would not put a street engine in an F1. By that reasoning, why not just strap on a Saturn 5 (also by us old-timers who actually knew how to get things done)? That'll outperform anything. I don't know why I get sucked into this with you. I halfway expect you to say, "Wow, that'd be silly using a Saturn 5, you'd just melt the road and set cars on fire."
Look, it's hard enough to get close to the problems people present on here, especially when it's sight unseen. Nobody gets it right all the time. Now stop with the cheap shots before we are BOTH shown the door.
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