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Well, it's been almost two years and told you guys I will update you on the Eco like I told you I would way back in this thread as most siad this engine will probably blow by then. I have over 50K on the truck now with only one issue in the engine bay that would put the truck in limp mode and shudder about 15K miles ago. It ended up being a bad coil and I have not had a problems since.

I have met a lot of people that think this engine will explode soon because they think it is high strung and runs in the high rpm all the time because it is a V6 or because the turbo's make the engine run hot all the time. Neither could be further from the truth about the engine and if you actually drove or towed with one, high strung would not even be a thought. With normal driving and towing this truck lives below 3K rpm. Unloaded with normal driving, I barely get to 2.5K rpm unless I purposely go WOT. So no, it does not stay in the high rpm all the time if at all even with 3.55 gears and aggressive 33"(+1 from stock) Duratracs. As far as the heat myth, it is no different that any other truck. I have the android Torque app to monitor my temps when driving and it stays between 190F and 200F unloaded. The highest I have seen it was at 213F towing 8k lbs up a grade 5 hill in 5th gear at 2200 rpm this past summer. It only stayed there for a short while until the thermostats kicked in and it went back down to 192F. Even my catalytic converter temps have never gone above 1600F while towing.

I also added a custom tune to the truck from 5 Star Tuning adding around 60+RWHP and over 115+RWTQ. His tunes are awesome giving me the performance and shifting I want while still being safely to tow the max weight the truck can tow without having to switch to a tow tune. Hell, I just like it for the adjustment of the DBW system and quick torque converter lock up alone. Better shifting and throttle response while adding gobs of power for only $400, I'll take it. The stock Ford tune is overly conservative to keep the engine too safe as most of the tuners like SCT and Superchips have been saying. Which is why even their canned tunes are adding over 50+RWHP and 100+RWTQ. I guess that is why the racing guys on the Ford forums are able to get into the low to mid 13's in a 4wd 4-door in the 1/4 mile with just a tune.

That being said, there is still something I miss about my old Hemi every now and then, the exhaust note. I will admit that this thing is very quiet and is rather welcomed most of the time, but there are those few times that I just want to let her rip and hear something other than jut the tires squealing and turbo whistle. Although I have grown quite addicted to the turbo whistle after my Airraid intake install.

I will give you another update later down the road as promised so those that told me my engine will blow up still have something to look forward to if it does. I hope ya'll are loving ya'll's trucks just I am loving mine so cheers fella's and keep being truck/car fanatics like me.

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