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Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
Since you've been gone I have a couple freinds and family members with the Eco Boost. But none are tuned, they don't want to risk their warranties. That said, what warranty do you have? Also what's involved in your tune besides a what you downpipe, boost increase, exhaust etc, what is DBW system? You say all the tunned eb fords are running low 13's with just 50 more hp, have you raced yours yet? Can you describe your tune in detail plz? And last, are you saying that without increasing boost or adding anything they are getting 50 more hp with a SC tuner...thx? And btw, the 4 door eb trucks are getting good times because of the torque the turbo puts outs. The more torque is better for the increased weight. As in Chevy trucks with big block 454's climb steep grades better than with 350 small blocks with shorter strokes.....not that you didn't know that already, lol.
My warranty is still intact. I spoke with the service manager about a tuner before I got one. He told me that as long as the tuner does not cause the issue without a reasonable doubt then I will be fine. For instance, if there is a known problem with the ignition or it is something that the tuner did not cause then it is covered under warranty. If the tuner I used raised the boost to 30 psi and I blow my engine then I am not covered.

The tune that I have only raises the boost 2 psi over stock. Stock, the turbos are putting out 16 psi and 18 psi with the tune. I have an Airriad intake, a 5 Star 87 & 93 perf/tow tune along with a 5 Star & MPT 93 performance only tune, and a Solo performance Mach 46 exhaust. DBW means drive-by-wire throttle that is calibrated through the ECU/ECM and not like the old cable driven throttles. The only Hemi I have raced stock was a 2011 Hemi 4-door 4x4(mine is a 4-door 4x4 short bed 3.55 LSD) and I was almost two truck lengths ahead by the time we hit 80 mph both times. Third time was from a 30 mph roll and I was only a truck length ahead by the time I hit 80 mph. I don't think the driver knew how to drive because it should have been closer. The only Hemi that I raced tuned was a late model Challenger R/T (I think it was an auto). We were neck and neck in the first race and he got me by half a car on the second light.

The 5 Star 87 & 93 performance/tow tunes I have are more torquier (if that is even a word) than the performance only tunes early on. It feels like it builds boost very quickly at even lower than stock rpms to give you maximum power for towing, but still giving you exceptional performance. The newest tune that 5 Star just came out with is his 93 performance only/no tow tune. It is noticeably quicker that his 93 perf/tow tune. I have never taken it to the track since there isn't one for 100s of miles but I did run it a few times with the Torque app in. My MPT(More Power Tuning) tune is the quickest I got adding 73RWHP and over 110RWTQ, but it also bypasses the factory torque management that the 5 Star tunes don't. 0-60 was 6.0 on the first run and 5.7 on the second with the 1/4 being at 13.9 on the first and 13.7 on the second(keep in mind that I have +1 aggressive Wrangler Duratrac tires). I boost launched the first at 1500 rpm and the second at 1800 rpm. The brakes will not hold that much after 1800 rpms boost launching it though. Maybe 1900 or 2000 rpms max before the low end torque of the truck starts to over power the brakes. It might have been helpful if I would have gotten a 4wd take off because I was spinning for a bit come off the line. I do not keep the performance only tune as a daily driver though. The performance tunes make the turbos come in to play a little later in the power band than the perf/tow tunes do. I am a torque junky and the 93 perf/tow gives me my fix with just a slight compression of the throttle and lower rpms than the performance tunes so I usually run those on a day to day basis. Plus it's shifting is a lot smoother and it's shift points are dead on in normal driving. Like I said before, Mike at 5 star works magic on his shifting logic and his custom tunes are well worth it for that alone.

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