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That isn't the reason at all, I had a diablo predator and I have an '04 there is no trans support for the '04's. Yet when installed on my truck the transmission started to act up with erratic shifts and would clunk going into drive bad. There had to be something within the way the tuner wrote the tune to the PCM or something in the tune itself. I think Diablo has since fixed the problem and I haven't heard of any trans problems in awhile. But as hemibyrd posted above Superchips is by far the best if you are not in need of custom tuning there trans control is far Superior to anyone else's and will be for along time to come.
You obviously did not follow the instructions. Did you change the shift settings or utilize shift program option 2? Change the idle settings?

Also, understanding what you can do with the Predator for tuning to gain optimum air / fuel ratios, fan settings, and a whole host of other options (take a look at the logic tree) supports my contention that the Predator is superior to other products out there.

Then, there are the options for a CMR tune on a mildly modified engine and the flexibility to tune the engine as more mods are made, such as cam, heads, etc...which is not an option with the Superchips and the Hypertech programmers or Jet chip modules.
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