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Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
First off congrats on your wins and good luck with your truck. About your service manager, you'd better call Ford and get that statement from the horses mouth. From what a freind and owner of several Ford dealerships has told me, they will not warranty altered EB engines. Maybe it's changed but I'd still check with Ford. But your Airraid and Mach 46 exhaust alone would supposably void your warranty. Not to mention that to increase the boost to 18 lbs they would have to adjust the wastegate actuator. Meaning that you would have to re-adjust it when you remove the tune back and forth to stock....I think but not sure? I found a EB tuning warning bulletin about it a while back on the yellow bullet forums and posted here but the mAderators (lol) warned me that it was taboo and removed it. Anyway, I thought the stock boost pressure was 13 lbs, are you sure about the numbers? The hp increase sounds about right but the numbers sound off. I think that you would need to increase the fuel pressure (larger injectors) as well for that much boost. There is a guy who turns wrenches on turbos here on this forum. Hopefully he will see this and chime in on the subject about EB tuning....hint hint? None the less, good luck with your truck and congrats on your kills. (this statement is void if we ever cross paths, lol)
I did e-mail Ford and they pretty much told me to ask a factory certified technician about mods and warranty since they are the ones Ford lets make the judgement call. The service manager told that is correct that in a vast majority of the cases Ford lets the dealership make the call. It is in very rare (and very costly) cases like a blown engine that a Ford engineer is called that it is out of the dealerships hands. As far as mods, the service manager said that since my family(my father drives nothing but Fords) and I have been good customers that he wouldn't want to jeopardize future business from red flagging warranty because of a mod unless it was the cause of the failure. If I was some schmuck that never does business with them then things might be different.

Also, the EB is high-pressure direct-injection fuel system fed by a common rail. Unlike port injected like most engines that are around 50-80psi, the Eco's fuel pressure ranges between 200 to over 2,000 psi depending on the load. The highest I have seen it was a little over 2,100 psi at WOT with my Torque app. The car Ecoboost (Tuarus/MKZ/Flex)which uses Garrett GT15 turbos max boost is 13 psi, but Ecoboost in the trucks not only has a different block than the car's but also uses Borg Warner K03 turbos and I as well as other have posted 16 psi with the stock tune at WOT.

Thanks and good luck with your truck as well, and I fully agree that these terms are fully null and void if out paths crossed at a stop light. lol!!

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