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Default winter tires;

  1. I figured I'd put my 2 cents worth in.I don't know about mounting just 2 winter tires on the rear.This gives you to much grab on the rear and in corners you loose traction in the front and spin out.I'm not sure but i think here in Ontario it is illegal to run just 2 winter tires. As far as 4WD goes it is good but does not aid in stopping. With the stock tires the colder it gets the less traction you have.The winter tires are a softer rubber compound and do not get hard giving you much better traction. A simple test is to take a cheap pair of winter boots with a hard sole on them and try to walk on ice or hard pack snow,you slid all over the place. now get a good pair that when you put pressure on the sole your thumb nail goes into the rubber sole these are much better for walking.As for cost it is an expense but when you trade your ride in you should still have a good set of rubber an hopefully not have to take the hit on the trade.I have run nothing but 4WD for 35 years and the last 20 i run winter tires.You may never know if the winter tires saved you and your family from getting into an accident but i think they are worth it.Here in northern ontario we can run studs so mine are studded.Just a little ino last week i drove down the road where i live which is 10 miles of the hwy with my stock tires on 2012 ram got to 60km/25mph and nailed the brakes then paced the distance back it was 29 paces appx 90ft.Then with the winter studded tires the same thing on hard pack snow and the distance was 21 paces appx 63ft.that's 27ft shorted stopping.Again this is just my 2 cents. Tux.
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