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Originally Posted by buzzvoodoo View Post
I recently just purchased a 2002 quad cab 4.7 1500 ram. I have been playing with it all day today cleaning it up and getting it the way I want it. I had a few questions.

1. how do I turn on my fog lights? I think I have to pull the switch OUT / TO the rear but when I do that nothing happens. I push that huge switch right back in and still nothing happens. What does pulling the head light switch do for my life???

2. How in the world do I get my windshield washer blades / Arms to go Lower. I found out how to take them off but they only go on into one position. They are not drastically in my field of view but I would prefer them to be 1 inch lower if I could get them that way.

3. My truck has power locks. I can hit the unlock and lock button on the panel all day long but the truck did not come with any key fob remotes. If I order a key fob on ebay does anyone know how to program a new wireless unlock keyfob? I know on the mustangs you insert the key and turn it from Accesory to off 8 times and then after the 8th time you press a button on the remote and it learns the new code for that remote. By the way Both of my keys are black. One has a picture of a ram and the other says Crysler for some odd reason.

4 Is there any way to get the center console / seat to slide back any? I feel under it and it looks to be bolted in. I am new to the truck and have been finding all sorts of secret tricks and compartments. Also does the center seat Recline at all?

5 The rear view mirror on the inside of the truck has a small button on it. I press it many times expecting it to be a dimmer of some sort but nothing seems to happen when I press it.

6. The truck has infinity speakers ( infiniti logo's) but the music and sound is not the best quality. It is actually a little poppy / choppy when you turn the volume up. I found that the speakers in the rear are a little better so i have music going to them 80% right now. Do people generally have issues with the speakers blowing????????? or the amps going???????? and if it is the amps where do i find them?????
1. Pull the switch out to turn on factory fog lights. Since there are no pictures, do you have factory fogs or aftermarket? If they are factory and pulling the switch doesn't turn them on, you either have a break in the wiring or your switch is bad.

2. Not that I am aware of.

3. Do you have keyholes on both doors or just the driver's front door? If your keyhole is just on the driver's front door you are equipped for remote entry, buy a fob then look in your owner's manual (process is in there).

4. Cenrer console does not recline or slide, it's either up or down. It DOES have a safety lock, you cannot open it while it's vertical (if you try you might break the safety latch and then it WILL open, spilling your contents everywhere).

5. The samll button is to activate the auto-dimming feature (a green light should be present as well). You won't notice it working until it's dark out and there are lights shining in your rear window.

6. It has been known to happen, Kicker used to make a bolt in kit for Mopar for the 3rd gen Rams, you may be able to find one. The amp is under the dash, a factory service manual will detail the entire process should you choose to remove it.

Originally Posted by knappk6 View Post
in my truck i turn my fog lights on my pressing the head light knob into the dash and in the mileage display you will see a fog light symbol come on. As for your seat if its a manual adjustment you should have a bar under the front of your seat, if you pull up on it the seat should slide back and forth. If its a powered seat you should have controls on the bottom of the seat on your left side while sitting in your seat. Center seat will not recline with your seat. the button on your mirror is an automatic dimmer. it needs to be dark out with cars behind you in order for it to dim
You have an 08, different switch setup, that's why yours is in the dash. 02-05 it's on the switch itself. Also he was asking about the center jump seat/console, so that won't move at all. Dead on with the mirror.

Here are links for your manuals. When you click the service manual link, click on the big green 'download' button that should show up to the right. Mediafire may have a big unavailable sign come up, but as long as the green dowbload button is there you're good.

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