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Exclamation Yet another HID problem

Alright fellas... first time poster here. Go easy on me. I don't own a Ram personally, but I have a buddy who does. It's an '02 Ram 3500 with the cummins diesel. I realize this has been beaten to a pulp, but I need help.

I'm installing a set of Mod Express HIDs, the same HIDs I put in my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, into his truck. The Mod Express kit is a very well set up kit. Everything is plug-n-play. The kit includes the bi-xenon bulbs and the bi-xenon control. Everything is set up properly and grounded very well. The truck has a plow harness installed as well (but I don't think that is/will be an issue).

I'm having the "flickering" problem though.

Before I first knew this was an issue, I contacted Mod Express. They said the aux relay harness may or may not solve the problem. So, they ship me the relay harness for free. Praying that this would solve the problem.... it didn't. Still getting the flicker.

So, I did a lot of research on here and learned about adding resistors and/or capacitors inline will solve the problem. I found that a member on a 300 forum posted this ( on one of the Ram threads here, offering it as a suggestion for a fix. No one actually said if it would work or not (it did work for the guy that owns the 300 though). The capacitors are wired just before the plug that connects into the ballast.

My question is will this capacitor idea fix my problem? I just went to radio shack and bought the same exact brand and size resistor shown in the pic on the 300 forum. My buddy and I plan on trying this solution tonight. Quick replies would be nice of you guys. Thanks in advance.
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