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Originally Posted by Spud67 View Post
I am ready to get rid of the Dodge and go buy a Ford or GM just because of this piece of crap navigation system.


Here we are as the general public, buying the vehicles we want, just bend over and take it up the tail pipe.

From one very pissed off and frustrated Doage Ram 1500 Longhorn owner.
The GM nav makes the 730N look amazing! In my GM, I've missed a turn on a city street and, rather than have me turn down the next side-street to get back to where I should be, the NAV has asked me to complete a 10Km (6mi) long loop! The routing on the GM NAV is nearly useless most of the time.

GM has one other 'feature': I've updated the maps 2 times and each time, without warning, months of stored address book entries have simply been erased.

Everyone I know with a GM NAV has the same observations.

As I understand, most routing algorithms place a "cost" on the components (# lanes, posted speed, intersections, etc.) of a route and attempt to find the "least costly" route.

From your investigation, it seems the problem is two-fold: 1) the 730N places an undue "routing-cost" for "un-verified" streets, and 2) NAVTEQ has flagged too many streets as "un-verified".

#1 If the problem on the 730N is indeed simply a result of a programming flag that places an undue "routing-cost" for "un-verified" streets then has anyone with some programming experience attempted to locate and change the value? (while they're at it maybe also remove the moving-vehicle nonsense that tries to protect us from ourselves).

#2 It seems NAVTEQ generates the maps and presumably flags streets as verified or unverified. Does NAVTEQ have any process whereby users can submit field observations that would lead to unverified streets becoming verified?

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