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Ok i feel like an idiot. I dont know why i didnt remember this but the 46RE is mechanically shifted from 1-2 and 2-3 by fluid pressure... OD and LU are engaged electronically. So there is no way the PCM would have any involvement in the first two gears. Only by the pressure solenoid it does but with everything checking out by the scanner then that shouldnt even have been in question.
What I did find out though was I tried adjusting the TV cable or (kickdown) cable as soon call. The cable itself goes to the drivers side of the transmission above the pan where it connects to a lever. This lever operates a valve inside the transmission. What this valve does is literally adjust to required shift points depending on driving conditions. It can be adjusted like it says in many other threads BUT it is very important to check the lever itself because if you have no change in the shifting after adjusting the cable from the top side then it is because that lever is not moving properly.
In my case the lever on my trans was a little more stubborn to move. I disconnected the cable from the throttle linkage on the TB and self adjusted from the lever side itself. Now the trans shifts perfect. No more whinding out til 3k rpm or higher.
I never found anything online about the lever itself being real stubborn to move while adjusting the cable. But it should be checked if your having similar problems.
Real easy way to check if this is your problem is by adjusting the TV cable on the throttle linkage side. If you have no change in any adjustment, completely disconnect it from the linkage. Test drive again, if no change then crawl up underneath your truck on the drivers side and look up right above the pan towards the front of the truck and you will see a cable that hooks up to a linkage system. A spring also connects to the lever but also the cable so dont mistaken it for the gear select linkage. After finding this push it forward towards the front of the truck and then move back about half and inch then test drive again.
Remember that these transmissions are not fully electronically controlled. Only OD and LU or 3rd and OD are electronic... 1 and 2 are shifted by fluid pressure.
Hope this helps anyone else.
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