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Originally Posted by hodgeee View Post
Now I know it is new, and there are to be some bugs, or is just my luck, cuase I haven't seen others complaining. I know I had seen advertising that you could adjust the shift firmness, adjust tire and gear sizes, and then there are the tunes. 87, 91 and 93 tunes, why no 89, plus I can't get 93 here in vegas. I will try the 91 tune as soon as I run out of my tank of 89 octane, but for now the 87 performance tune feels weaker than my stock tune. Plus running the drag tree, I have seen .2 seconds slower in the 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile. Driving around normally it feels better, but when I step on it, NADA! So I immediately put the stock tune back in, and BAM!!!! .2 second gain back in performance. Also isn't the torque management supposed to be turned off? Still feels dead from a standstill and can barely chirp the tires.

6.5 average 0 to 60 and 14.5 average 1/4 stock,
6.7 average 0 to 60 and 14.8 average 1/4 87 tune.

Does my stock times sound average for a RCSB Express with 3.55 gears plus intake and exhaust. I will report back on my 91 tune, but for now here are other problems.

No Gear change adjustment!?!?!?
Will not accept my 2" smaller tire adjustment, there is a adjustment in the tune for it, just will not accept it!?!?!?!
Will not accept the 1 to 2 rpm adjustment, but works fine on the 2 to 3 shift point!?!?!?!
Finally the monitoring guages are nice especially when you have the base gauges in the express, so now I can monitor things like, oil pressure, oil temp, tranny temp, and voltage. Gauges I all really like to have, but don't get except in special sports cars, or race cars. When I adjust the oil pressure gauge it just says 11.6 psi and freezes. All the other guages seem to work fine when programming them.

Now my old Predator unit on my 2006 GMC RCSB pickup, worked perfectly and had the shift firmness and shift speed adjustment, tire size adjust, plus rear gear adjustment. Why now doesn't this super advanced unit have it that now cost $600 compared to the older stuff I used to pay $300 for.

I am contacting Diablo in the next day or two to see what is up, but for the mean while, not too happy, but how else am I going to put the longtubes on, do the gear change and then get it dynoed. These were my planned future performance mods, then I was going to just enjoy the truck from then on. Hopefully HemiFever can program the rest of the things I want.
I ran 6.7 in a crew cab with 3.55, 4x4, 93 tune and my 320#. Halfway through I realized I wasnt all the way in the throttle so it probably would have been 6.5ish.
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