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The reason the truck does not come with a diesel is because diesel is not as good as gas in the winter. This truck was meant to be out in the forest going through hell, and in the winter they dont want people to get stuck out there. So really the only reason is because in really cold weather you have a more dependable motor with gas. Thats what the guys at Ram told me, it makes sense to me haha[/QUOTE]

With all due Respect, This is a bunch of Bull.
Try selling that to the Russians.
Look up some of the Diesel trucks used in Russia where it is really cold.
These vehicles weigh several times what a Power Wagon does and will easily drive through mud, snow and water that would swamp a Power Wagon.
I realize that They are not as plush as a Power Wagon but to say that a diesel won't work well in the winter or that it is too heavy is not true.

I keep hearing all of the reasons that the Cummins isn't available in the Power Wagon and it is all a Bunch of Bull.
It's too heavy, it will get stuck in the mud. Baloney.

The intercooler takes up the space where the winch is mounted. Well then, relocate the winch. There are a lot of Cummins Powered Dodges out there with winches on them. It shouldn't be too hard for a company that has the ability to design and build the Power Wagon.

I think the Power Wagon is an awesome vehicle but there is no reason that those same options shouldn't be available on a Cummins Powered Truck. Especially the Front and Rear Lockers. If the Cummins has too much torque for the Locking Diffs in the Power Wagon, then make lockers for the heavier Diffs. Come-on Dodge, We've been waiting a long time.
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