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Originally Posted by panhead View Post
If you are un-sure of the aftermarket to rebuild your rear axle, you can go to Mopar and buy one of there rebuild kits. Everything is included in the kit.
Im honestly not sure. From all of the research I have done and having a few of my mechanic friends go for a ride in it they all seem to point to the pinion bearing. I would love to buy Mopar parts due to the performance factor and it was made perfectly spec wise for my rear end but since im in highschool and cummins laid me off this summer im not working as a bus boy for $8 an hour money is the one factor holding me back. If i get my phones camera to work I will take a video from the cab if you can even hear it over the exhaust on the camera. I was driving it last night with the radio off to listen to it and the whine is very loud and high pitch and constant while my foot is on the gas almost like the sound of a lifted vehical with mud tires going down the road or going across a concrete over pass on the interstate and when I let off you can hear the tranny kick into neutral and the whine doesnt completely go away but it quiets down alot. I want to drain it and look in there but gear oil cost so much just to drain it knowing im going to have to buy more oil when I redo it. Kinda sucks big time. I mean its been like this a few YEARS with no change to it and it takes all the power like a champ but its kinda embarrassing to drive with friends and have them asking what the annoying sound is since my truck is known as "fast" and "bad ass" but yet it needs a new rear end, its almost now worth bragging about anymore.

Originally Posted by GTyankee View Post
I hope yours is not this bad

informational, good to know

crazy Canadian working on a Jeep rear end, almost identical to the Ram

I cant watch any videos at school since you tube is blocked but I will watch them at home and try to take a video of my own for you guys to listen to how bad it sounds.
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