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Originally Posted by Tivs View Post
Really wanna sell this pos lol. so ya tune up is maybe a month old and was running sweet. the other day my girl friend filled it up....but the gas truck was there. that's a no no in my books. she added a bottle of octane boost likbi told her. she pics me up and its missing like crazy. we get going and it runs good but feels like it did b4 my tune up. i checked the wires used some heet in the tank and it still runs like crap and getting 3miles per gallon again. em i going to have to get new plugs and wires again. i just used omni spark and copper tip autolites. Im kicking my self getting this money pit
Filling when they are filling tanks is not good as you know. My wife has been told to never fill any of our vehicles when that is being done. She knows I don't care if she buys $.50/gal more gas someplace else if she needs gas.
So FIRST off a bad tank of gas is not the trucks fault. It happens.
SECOND Autolite plugs in Mopars run like crap. My 4.7, 5.9, even my Chevys run like crap on Autolite plugs. They are crap just like Fram filters. ALLIED AUTOMOTIVE crap.
So my suggested solution drain out or run out as much gas as possible, refill with some Chevron gas. Then put in CHAMPION COPPER CORE or a CHAMPION PLATINUM Plug which is what is in mine. The PO had them installed, since I didn't know when I pulled a couple to look at them & they looked great. So I'm good for several more miles.
Something I can tell you with ALL these newer vehicles run OEM parts on tune ups & anything fuel.
My 90 Honda Civic had the fuel pump go out so I had one installed. 10,000 miles the wife & I are stuck in a snow storm @ midnight 100 miles from home. With nothing no stores, not towns nothing. I turned out this shop put in an airtex pump & it quit. So I took it to my regular shop & they would only install an OEM pump. Which is still running strong 60,000 miles later. The Shop owner told me I don't want to fix the same problems twice. By the way Delphi made pumps for several manufactures as OEM Pumps.
I hope this helps.

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