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Originally Posted by mattman13 View Post
Ram 725 do you have 3.55?
Originally Posted by mattman13 View Post
Yes, but this is something that could be corrected if gear sets were available for our trucks. But no. We have to do an axle swap in the front and machine work to the rear to get them in a 2012. I intend on getting rid of my truck and getting back in a diesel. My last truck would do 19mpg with 35s doing 80 on the highway.
This is where you are correct but not correct at the same time.
Yes, there are no gears for the 12s, but you can certainly find a way to get gears swapped in.
I have a 12 and have had my gears done (4.56) since early August. Probably the first 12 to get this done

This is no way directly directed to you Mattman13.

Yes we all expected gas to take a dip but not to the extent of what each of you and I were getting.
For those who say to suck it up, that's easier said than done. You say that cause you haven't lifted your truck or have and just in denial, but you all know it sucks massive donkey dick (candy08 )


My MPGs didn't increase that much better, I got 1-2 gallons more at best as the truck still has wind resistance. But performance was back
I have played with ALL factors (lowered my truck, played with different tires) in a way to get better MPGs, have a lifted truck and to still have performace if not better performance than when I was at stock.

Presently I'm on a 6" lift with Bilsteins at 1.4 and I am now running 35" ATs for winter. My MPGs are better than when I was at stock.
I've never seen 16-17 MPGs (i avg 15.5) before and I am seeing those numbers now. I also haven't taken the truck that far of a distance to see how much better it gets.
My truck is still lifted and hauls ass (due to my effective gear ratio being 4.27 (4.56 and 35's))
Tuner helped out as well!

My only gripe with these 35's and 4.56 is my RPM at 70-75 is 2100-2200 and my exhaust now buzzes in my ear. I have a 22" Maggie so it's very bearable, but this was not the case when my RPMs were lower.
Ill be moving back to 37's once my next mod gets installed.

The short of what I'm saying is, gears ARE doable for a 12, you just need to speak to the right guys and look to pay more than normal ($500-$1000 more)
There is a difference between AT and MT tires and 35's vs 37's and what they do for you driving wise. There is also an impact to height you lift your truck too!
So UNDERSTAND what you want to do (daily driver, weekend vehicle, what ever) with your truck and choose the right setup for you.

You want 37's with a 8-9" lift and 3.55, be ready to have a truck that sucks balls for gas and off the line pull. If you're already complaining about gas, DO NOT bother towing anything heavy otherwise you'll shoot yourself.

This topic is beaten to death all day and all year long.
Most just assume they want a lifted truck because it looks badass not understanding the consequences that follow. This was me!!!
Then we see these type of threads all the time.

But let me tell you, I've spent the money to correct this for myself and I am now fully satisfied if not extremely pleased with driving my truck as a DD and driving it how I want to with a smile

Know what you're getting yourself into before lifting

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