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Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post
I'd suggest 3.55 or 3.92. I have 3.55 and easily get 20+mpg. I hauled ~1200 lbs in my quad cab from FL to TN to AR and back to FL last july in 110 deg F heat, cruising at 75mph most of the trip(through all the mountains) and got 20mpg avg over the 2600 miles. Best I've done is like 22mpg unloaded at a slower speed on flat ground. Like I said I am switching to 4.10's because I almost never cruise above 70mph and NEVER cruise above 75-80mph and from the experimenting I've done it won't effect my mpg. I just won't be able to get 22mpg at 75mph anymore. But my city mpg will improve.

If I were getting an 8 speed I'd still choose 3.92. At the least 3.55. I wouldn't even consider 3.21, just doesn't make any sense, it's like shooting yourself in the foot.
Thanks for your input. I'll probably end up going with the 3.55's, just because I don't really plan on towing, so the extra few MPG may be better for just my daily drive.
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