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Old 02-23-2011, 01:42 AM
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Default I am Number 4 (And Spoiler)

Went out and watched this last night. If you like Sci-Fi its pretty good and a decent flick. It has plenty of actions and a lot of things to watch and not a lot of things to figure out. It flowed pretty well from one scene to the other without a bunch of obscure or strange cut scenes you wonder why the director/editors cut it there.

All and All a decent movie.

Spoiler: Highlight to read. from here down. Please dont Quote this.. it will ruin the spoiler for people.

It starts off showing their colony on their home world (I'm guessing here) and one of the local animals attacks and kills one of their kind. Flash forward to "Number 4" currently a high school popular kid out with his friends around a beach setting. Later that evening "Number 3" Dies. There are "9" of them and the "Mogs" are hunting them down in order taking their Charms/Tokens. Everytime a Number dies, they turn to stone then crumble to ash and a Scar of their symbol they carry imprints on "Number 4's" leg. Everyday Number 4 gets stronger in his own way. Every "number" has their own skills/special powers called "Legacies". Number 4 has Telekinesis and a light aura that emits from his hands that rejuvenates/recharges other Numbers with legacies.

His Protector, other people think this is his dad, tries to keep track of Number 4 and keep him from being in the spotlight since the "Mogs" are hunting them. When the 3rd scar imprinted itself on number 4's leg upon number 3's death, someone got a video of him receiving the scar. This video ended up on the internet and the "mogs" found it and traced it back to the source to set up a trap. this video forces Number 4 and his protector to move.

"Number 6" (Blonde haired cutie on a Ducati sport bike) Finds the old home of Number 4 and his protector and burns it down. She catches up with Number 4 later.

This new location is a small town called "Paradise". In Paradise high school he meets another female student who he falls in love with. The protector advises him once he falls in love, they only fall in love one time and Number 4 falls for her. She is integrated throughout the movie.

Not only does Number 4 have to deal with his scars and watching over his shoulder for "mogs", he has to deal with the local football players who pick on a smaller kid in school and he stands up to the football players in a tense stand off in school that doesn't result in much. You later find out the quarterback used to date the new female Number 4 falls in love with.

The smaller kid turns out to be a son of a man who was tracking the "Numbers" because they believed in aliens and ancient astronauts (they dont know this yet). Number 4 watches out for this kid every time he gets picked on which turns out to earn the trust of Number 4 (enemy of my enemy is my friend type of deal).

The "mogs" set a trap for Number 4 in this home knowing they were going to try to get into the computer hosting the video of him receiving his 3rd scar to destroy it. The Number 4 and his protector get in the house find out its a trap and its to late. After fighting with the "Mogs" in the house, the protector ended up dead and Number 4 is moving on alone.

There is a bunch of scenes where he talks to his girlfriend and has altercations with the quarterback and his team mates. Number 4's last altercation with the quarterback ends up showing the smaller kid his glowing hands while he beats the tar outta the football team. When he confronts Number 4 he demands Number 4 to come clean and admit hes a alien. After some emotional scenes they team up and track down the internet host of the video they are looking for.

Number 4 finds himself crashing a party of the quarterback to find his girlfriend up on one of the roofs off a bedroom in the back sitting alone. the quarterback calls his dad which is the sheriff which they all have labeled Number 4 and his dead protector as terrorists, which calls all the police in the area to this home. The Party is interrupted by police sirens and His girlfriend falls off the roof and he saves her by using his powers and runs with her away from the party as they cross a street. A speeding police car in coming down this road where he stops them all with his powers etc yada yada yada runs away into the trees woods etc. Number 4 has no safe place to go and the girl friend takes him to the schools dark room where she thinks they are safe.

The school is the final battle zone for the Mogs and Number 4 and now Number 6 who admits she has been tracking the Mogs since they killed her protector as well. They team up and eliminate the "mogs" and also destroys the football field with the "mogs" futuristic weapons and explosions while killing the last "group leader mog".

The story ends with the Quarterback and Number 4 shake hands before leaving. Number 4 and his girlfriend discuss why he is leaving and leaving her behind. As Number 4, Number 6, and the wimpy kid drive off leaving the girlfriend behind with the quarterback because its safer for her than being with him for now.

There is a little bit I left out, along with some finer details but this is pretty much the movie.

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Old 02-23-2011, 01:43 AM
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Great way to post a spoiler. I might have to go see this one.

Semper FI
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