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Heating & Cooling 1st Gen Dodge Ram Heating & Cooling Problems and Questions.

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Old 10-28-2008, 03:38 AM
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Default 1990 Ram Charger Poor Heat

Poor heat after about 30 secs. to min.

Door to divert heat to floor seems to be working. (have removed cover).

Is there a thermal sensor anywhere that would cut back flow to heater core ??

Have drained/flushed (w/cleaner) cooling system [had heat on when flushing].

Did not replace heater hoses (should have), did replace thermostat.

Fan is strong, get warm air on "vent" with strong flow. Temperature adjustment (slider) seems fine/working properly.

So, if no sensor - any thoughts.

I am about to change the hoses to heater, and attempt to blow out heater core (if can) - so am looking for any other hidden skunks in woodpile before I tear into that.

Thanks, Lee
Have not found a vacuum problem and am not convinced the diverter door is vacuum operated. Would replace any hoses if can find them on general principal. Truck runs like a champ, so doubt a vacuum leak - at least one that has any effect on engine operation.

Help - thoughts - it is getting cold !!!!!
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Old 10-28-2008, 09:42 AM
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There should be a heater control valve on one of the heater hoses. It's a vacuum valve that responds to the control panel and opens as heat is needed. check this valve if it's equipped. I'm pretty sure it has one. I have an 89 power ram and it has one. There is a black vacuum line going through the firewall to the heater controls and a grey one coming back out to the valve. Make sure it has vacuum when it's in the hot position, and make sure it works and not clogged or broken. if no problem is found in that area check the core for flow. Unhook the heater hoses and make sure the flow from the engine is good. (just start the engine for a split second with the supply hose off.) use low pressure compressed air and gently blow through core. Another way is to find or make an adaptor for a garden hose and attach it to the heater core. turn on the hose and see it it flows freely through the heater core. . if it does'nt Backflush it. the supply hose is the one coming from the intake near the t-stat housing, (also the one that should have the control valve on it) and the return is the one going to the water pump. force water through the return side of the core and back out the supply. years of build-up may be blocking the core. usually backflushing works pretty well. if you do this to no avail and still have little flow, you'll have to replace the core. I hope this helps.
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Old 11-14-2008, 10:03 AM
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a quik check that ive been doin for a while is grab both hoses if one is hot and the other cold u have a partially blocked core if they r both hot then the core probably isnt your issue if one is hot and the other cold then flushing does help ive been doin it in both directions though from both hoses back and forth until the water comes out strong and clear

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