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Old 02-27-2011, 04:10 PM
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Vehicle: 2011 Ram Crew Cab 4x4
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Engine: 2009-2010 345ci (5.7L) Hemi V8 390hp 407lb/ft
Rep Power: 5
JHamilton will become famous soon enough

I bought mine from Akins Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep. It's kind of in the sticks, but it is HUGE. They have several hundred trucks on their lot. It's the first "volume dealership" I have dealt with and I liked it! I told them what I wanted to pay, what I wanted for the trade, that I wanted to switch the factory step rails for remote start and a credit. My salesman came back and agreed to the deal, but installed the remote start and nerf bars that I wanted in lieu of a credit. We completed the deal and they were on to the next sale. I was in and out in less than 2 hours.
I'm a failure by standards I reject anyway.
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Old 02-27-2011, 05:44 PM
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GTyankee GTyankee is online now
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Vehicle: 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 2X4
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GTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond reputeGTyankee has a reputation beyond repute

Carl Burger Dodge in La Mesa California was where i bought my '09
Sales dept. tried to answer all my questions before purchase, i had them talked down to $30,000 out the door, in February "09, all was fine. ( even with the constant running back & forth to the so called sales manager, that i think is really a coffee machine )
Then i was sent a block away to the Finance Dept. he would NOT answer a single question, you don't want to know what i think about him, he added $10,000 plus to the price
Service & Parts Dept. are best of all, i have only had 1 problem that they could NOT fix on their own & that was for unbalanced wheels, the Tech kept adding weights trying to make it right, i suggested a Road Force Balance, they did it & again added more weights, finally i told them to strip ALL of the weights & start over, 7,000 miles later, still no shake. Other than that one problem, they took care of my every need quickly.

I will be going back for another vehicle, but, i will be buying it through the FLEET/INTERNET DEPT. Not the Sales Dept.

Because of THIS Forum, i now know what questions to ask, what to look for, what is available, etc.

By the way, i was working with the Internet Sales person near Las Vegas, in Henderson
He still sends me email, asking about how my Ram was running, even sent me a Xmas card
I didn't buy there because of some California Rules about new vehicle purchases from out of state, that i didn't fully understand
Ram 1500 SLT Quad cab, 5.7 HEMI(R) MDS VCT, 5 speed auto 545RFE, 3.55 differential gears, 18" Magnaflow muffler, EGR bug deflector, Bushwacker fender flares, customized Nfab nerf bars, CB radio, Autonet wi-fi router, custom soft tonneau cover, Line_X bedliner, DEBO Step, build date 10/15/08 a Wednesday built vehicle
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Old 02-27-2011, 09:09 PM
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I bought my truck at Autoworld Petaluma Northern Cal. I wanted or SHOULD I say the wife wanted the Laramie with leather seats, I wanted the cargo management system. Also because of circumstances I did not want to order but buy straight away I had cash [would never be able to buy on credit]. I had gone to a couple of dealers but they just were not willing to work to get what I wanted. Autoworld managed to find what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay they also threw in a few extras. The cargo management was very hard to find at the time . For some reason I have not seen many around.
My work finished in Cal and I moved back home to Seattle. After I came back went to India for a hip replacement [ If anyone who does not have med insurance and needs joint replacements I cannot recommend highly enough both my Surgeon the hospital and staff. You can contact me at] I was away for about three months stayed with my daughter in England for a while. Flew back into Seattle on one of those very wet Seattle nights. Next day started the truck up straight way no problem but I found water behind the back seats I thought I may have left a window slightly open not sure, dried out the wet areas a couple of days later more water certainly no open windows went to Chrysler Dodge Bellevue did not buy the truck from them no problem truck under warranty we will deal with it.Couple weeks later dead battery twice, back over to Bellevue no problem current draining out of the radio,replaced radio no problem. Because of the excellent service I go at this stage because I don't need anything else just oil changes.
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Old 02-28-2011, 03:51 AM
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Dodge Ram Forum Senior Member
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Location: SW Missouri
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jcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to beholdjcasey10 is a splendid one to behold

I've never had any experience with a Dodge dealership myself, but my Grandpa got plenty.

We were out camping and during a storm, a giant tree fell across the front of his 2003 3500 Dually. Somehow it just didn't do enough damage to actually total the truck. So, in to the shop at Ozark Dodge (no longer around) it went.

Now, first off, I know repairing a truck that was this badly damaged wasn't going to be an overnight job. But, with that being said, it shouldn't take as long as it did. They kept delaying and delaying my grandpa telling him, "Oh, it'll be done next week." That went on for about 4 1/2 months. That was only the start.

Now, you would think that having a truck that long in the shop, it'd be done right. Not this time. He got it back and there were all kinds of problems. First, they rebadged it with "Hemi" and "Ram 1500" badges. This was a Cummins 3500 Dually. Second, they mixed up all the marker lights along the side of the bed. Third, they did a horrible job of painting the hood and front fenders to the point that there were drip marks. So back it went.

Now, I know some of you might say, "Well, he was rushing them." My grandpa is an extremely patient person. He was always courteous when he called them to ask on it's condition.

When it finally made back out of the shop from getting repainted and fixing the problems, it was almost done. Almost, because this time they forgot to even put badges on it. My grandpa was infuriated at this point, so he went back and gave them an earful. They had it done that afternoon, and it was finally back to it's normal state.

I'm not sure why the service department was slacking so much, but they finally got it right after about 6 months of repairs.

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Old 02-28-2011, 04:08 AM
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Engine: 2001-2003 359ci (5.9L) Cummins ISB 24-Valve Diesel I6 235hp 460lb/ft (manual and auto)
Rep Power: 5
67Polara will become famous soon enough

The experience with the dealer i baught my ram from was complete and utter crap ! Brandywine Chrysler Plymouth was the dealer

They were super nice and helpful until i baught my truck.
after that they pretty much had " i dont give a crap " attitude, they wouldnt honor the warranty, they told me i was wrong when i took it in for some issues ( that my mechanic told me about ) they said there wasnt a thing wrong with it or they told me the same thing i told them and said just keep an eye on it. (for a seaping power steering pump and trans) i shouldnt have to keep an eye on somthing like that. so i'll never buy another thing from them again.
but who knows maybe i'm just an a$$hole who exspects half way decent service on a certified pre-owned truck with the factory warranty
"I'm your huckleberry" (Doc Holiday)

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Old 02-28-2011, 08:17 AM
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Vehicle: 2014 VW Jetta GLI
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Excoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud ofExcoastie has much to be proud of

I purchased my '10 CC in March of 2010, and at the same dealership I purchased the wife's '10 Challenger in December of 2009. Hebert's Town and Country Dodge, Shreveport, LA

My experience with this dealership started with the purchase of the Challenger. We had gone to the dealership to look at the SMS Challenger that had just came in (we saw it on their website), and when we pulled up in a pretty much mint condition SRT Charger the sales manager pretty much wet himself. He wanted that car, he thought he had a buyer already lined up for it. This was the early part of December.

My wife and I both wanted to drive an RT Challenger. We had looked at 'em, but never actually driven one at this point. We allowed the sales manager to appraise the Charger while we played. He came up with a figure that we could live with. We told the salesman exactly what we wanted in a car, and would settle for nothing less. It was a bit of a stretch, but in order to buy a new car it had to be perfect ('10 RT Classic in B5 blue with a 6sp, sunroof, and navigation). The salesman told us that he'd have to do some checking to see what he could find, and that he'd email us soon. We figured that wold be the end of it, as we'd previously told "the other dealership" if they found a car like the one listed above we'd be interested (we'd purchased 3 other vehicles from them already).

Fast forward to a few days before Christmas. My wife got an email saying that Trent (the salesman) found her car. She immediately called him, he gave her the details, we talked about it and agreed that if the price was right we'd go for it. He said he'd do some more checking and would call us back. He called back within an hour with a price we could live with and we agreed to drop off a deposit check the next day.

The car arrived late the day after Christmas. Trent called to say we could come pick it up around 4 the following day, as he wanted to make sure it was cleaned up, etc. We requested that he have all the paperwork ready, so that all we had to do was sign and drive. We got there, all the paperwork was waiting on us, they had gotten a better price that we agreed on, so it was a lil less than we were expecting. In about 2 hrs or so we were on our way home with my wife's new car (aka my new daughter).

An excellent sales experience.

Fast forward to around March. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I was checking out their website, looking at what trucks they had on the lot. I saw a couple that I liked the looks of, both CC Sports with the options that I wanted. I didn't realize that I wanted a new truck at this point, just that I wanted to check 'em out.

We were in the neighborhood a day or two later and decided to stop and look. Trent wasn't available, but someone else let us take a look at one of the trucks. It was love at first sight, but I figured that making a deal work wasn't possible. Trent called me the next day, and wanted me to come back so he could appraise the '08 QC that I was driving. To shorten this a little, he made me a deal that I could live with, and I've not looked back since. As many know, the '10 is a lot more truck than the '08 ever was.

I've had a few experiences with the service department as well. Nothing really stands out, except they provided the services that they promised. Nothing over the top, nor was there anything that I would complain too loudly about. I would have no trouble taking any of my vehicles to this service department if the need arose.

Oracle Interior LEDs, EGR Vent Visors, Ram eyes, Husky Liner Splash Guards, R/T Badges Front and Rear, LED Light Bar, Stubby Radio Antenna, Custom Shift Knob, ARE LS II bed cover, Bed Rug, Flowmaster 50 series HD, SilverStar Ultra low beams, K&N drop in filter, MOPAR sill guards, Smitty Built nerf bars, 24% tint on the front.
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Old 02-28-2011, 10:30 PM
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Dodge Ram Forum Junior Member
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I bought my truck from Eichenberg Motors in Tillsonburg, Ontario and am very pleased by the way they treated me. I wanted a specific truck that was not in their inventory and they went out of their way to find me one within 3 days. Actually it had more options than I was looking for but the final price ended up the same as what I had in mind. Funny , though, it was not their sales department that convinced me to buy from them. It is their service department, that is second to none. I've had four vehicles serviced there and have never had a complaint. This is the second vehicle I bought from them and the last one was a 2007.5 diesel that was notorious for all its Turbo problems as it was cummins first with all the emissions crap on it . Eichenberg has one service tech specializing in diesels and resolved my turbo issues in record time. (ps: I no longer have the diesel because I totalled it in a multi car highway pileup.). Anyone in the area having problems having problems with their dodge dealership , try Eichebnberg, I know people who drive some distance for servicing , just because of their reputation.

Note: no affiliation, just a very happy customer.

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Old 03-01-2011, 12:28 AM
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Poriggity will become famous soon enough

Here's a little cut and paste from another forum about Moss Bros. Dodge in San Bernardino, CA, and how crappy I was treated there, and Ontario Dodge in Ontario, Ca, who did right by me... FYI, I BOUGHT my truck from Moss. Bros. Dodge, had it serviced there, and had any work done there.. Not anymore. I will never step foot in that dealership again..

So, back in February 2010, my truck developed a vibration/shudder on acceleration AND on decelleration. The truck has a 7yr 70k mile warranty, and I was still under that, so I took it to the dealer. Turns out the issue was the carrier bearing on the 2 piece driveshaft. It had torn out of it's rubber housing, causing the driveshaft to flop around basically... So.. It was replaced, and the vibes went away.

Fast forward to last saturday Oct 9th 2010. I took the truck BACK to the dealer because the vibrations had come back, and I saw that they have a 12 month 12k mile parts warranty, and I figured that the carrier bearing had blown apart again. So.. I leave the truck with the dealer, and get a call 3 days later. (way to work quickly guys!). They tell me first that the carrier bearing is fine, but the tech did feel the vibration on acceleration, but it is normal for these trucks to have some form of launch shudder. He then tells me that there is a cure for this, but it would be a new one piece driveshaft, to the tune of $1100, and it would not be covered under warranty. I then asked the service advisor, did the tech feel the vibration on decelleration as well? He informed me that he would find out and call me back. So, I hang up.. I wait for about 3 hours, and get no call, so I call back. I ask if the tech had felt the vibes on decelleration. He said yes, the tech did feel it. I asked if he thought that was normal... He said, no, it's not normal. At this point I say, well, if it's doing something that it shouldn't be, and I am still under the 7 year 70k mile warranty, shouldn't the truck be fixed back to NORMAL under warranty? He said these exact words.....

"You would think so, wouldn't you?"

I flipped at that point. I said, well, you guys aren't going to cover it under warranty, and why is that? He said it was for two reasons.

Reason #1: The fix for this problem is a new one piece driveshaft, which did not come on this truck from the factory.

Reason #2: There is not an actual failed part YET, so we have nothing to warranty.

At this point, I said, "So what you are telling me is, in order to get this vibration issue fixed under warranty, I need to have you guys put this truck back together, then I have to drive it around until something breaks, possibly endangering other people or vehicles, as well as possibly breaking more things on this truck, then you guys will cover the driveshaft fix under warranty?"

The service writer said " Yeah, basically, that's the only way it would be covered."

At that point, I told him to have them put the truck back together, and I'd be there in the morning.

When I got there, I got the keys to my truck, got the number for the GM of the dealership, as well as the number for the owner of the dealership. I plan on calling them both, as well as Chrysler Corporate.

I guess my question is, am I in the wrong in thinking that IF there is a problem with my truck, like this vibration, that they admitted was "not normal", AND the service writer told me that he has seen a lot of trucks in with this isssue, and that the fix is a new one piece driveshaft, why is the fix not covered under warranty? I could be totally off base here, but I don't think I am. I mean, regardless, I won't have them put in the driveshaft, since they gouge you on it... I can buy the driveshaft for around $450 and put it in myself rather than pay them $1100 to do it... Anyway.. needed to get that off my chest. I don't want to mention the name of the dealership yet, until things start to get resolved, but if they don't get resolved, I'll be dragging them through the mud, even though they had been good to me up to this point.



I took the truck to another dealer because the vibes got worse. Got a call from them today, and they are replacing all the Driveshaft U joints, AND the center carrier bearing, all under warranty. The dodge dealer I originally took the truck to is going to get a nasty gram, courtesy of me, and I will also be calling Dodge corporate to let them know how I thought I was treated at this dealer. Pretty piss poor performance from a dealership that I BOUGHT this truck from. Props to Ontario Dodge in Ontario, CA for treating me right thus far though.

So, in short, Moss Bros. Dodge failed to fix the truck under warranty, even though there was an obvious problem, and Ontario Dodge noticed the problem the day I took it in to them, fixed it all under warranty, and all is well. Props to Ontario Dodge.
2004.5 2500 Quad Cab LB 4x4 with stuff.
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Old 03-02-2011, 08:25 AM
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Moss Bros. would get a lot more than a nasty gram from me!
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Old 03-02-2011, 08:21 PM
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I had a horrible experience at University Dodge in Davie, Fl.

I was shopping for a new vehicle and found an ad on their site listing a 2011 Sport Crew cab for 13,000 off of retail. I called the dealer and asked to speak to the internet manager. When he answered I inquired about the truck and the price. he took the stock number and confirmed the price. When I asked why the price was so low he told me that they have to price them low to get people in. I said "Are you sure on that price" and his response was that if it's listed at that that's what we to sell it for.

At this point he asked if I could be in that day and I said yes. I drove an hour to the dealer, met the manager and he put me with a real nice sales guy. I drove the truck and told him to write it up. The salesman asked me where I saw that pricing because that was not the price he was showing. I showed him the ad on THEIR webpage and he printed a copy of it. He then took it to another office.... at this point I knew how this was going to play out.

When he returned he told me that the price was a mistake and it was actually only a 7K discount that I didn't qualify for. I told him to go get his manager. The internet guy came back and I reminded him of our phone conversation. He told me that he knew that and was sorry but the ad was a mistake and that they were covered by a disclaimer that was at the bottom of the ad. He was very apologetic and said that he had been "chewed-out" for it. I mentioned things like bait-and-switch and deceptive ad practices but he just kept on about the disclaimer. I left the dealership fuming mad.... when I got home I checked the price and he discount was now at 7K.

Well the next morning I re-checked the ad and what do you know.... BACK TO A 13,000 DISCOUNT! I lost my mind. I called the dealer and asked to speak to the GM. When I explained the situation to him he apologized. told me I had a right to be upset but would get back to me. Later that day he called back with a story about confusing incentives and websites that change on their own. I called BS and told him that he needed to sell me the truck at the advertised price. He said no, I said goodbye and promptly called an attorney who specialized in auto dealers and the lemon law.

The attorney told me that what they did did indeed violate state law and that she could file suite for about $600. She asked me to make them a formal offer to buy the vehicle in writing and asked if I kept a copy of the ad. I did and had actually downloaded the entire webpage.

She made no guarantees and said we would have to see what they would do after the case was filed.

While this was going on I did find a truck in Georgia that was listed for 11K off of retail that I have since made a deal on.

I don't think I am going to pursue this but I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and the local chamber of commerce.

I have also come to find out that this dealer has been know for this kind of crap for some time.
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