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  • Kamanhart ·
    Hey man, i was looking through the forum researching some remote start options and came across your knowledge of the DBALL and was curious if you had used one of there systems before and knew if they looked like advertised and were a good product or not?
    arietem ·
    Hey, things are good .. been busy looking for a full time job .. and I found one .. going back to corporate .. looking forward to the challenges ahead .. landed a position with .. heading up the development of the Canadian Market .. plan to put on a lot of km's in Ontario ! .. hope that you are keeping well
    Hermes1 ·
    Thanks for the reps. I bought my Moroso catch can because of your recommendation in a few posts I read prior to purchasing, trust your recommendations. That and I was already familiar with Moroso quality, liked the idea of draining via the valve as opposed to having remove it. Thanks again Chief, have a good weekend. Best.
    Hermes1 ·
    Thanks for the kind words buddy, appreciate it. I can only imagine the crud I will collect, because when I disconnected the hose from the intake, there was oil at the lip of the intake and the end of the hose. Best.
    Hermes1 ·
    Hey Allan, I installed the Moroso Catch Can today. It was easy and quick. I did have to get some more hose though. I posted a bit of a write up with photos under the Hemi 5.7 mods. Thanks again. Best.
    Hermes1 ·
    Hey Allan, a quick note to say I have not gotten to the install of my catch can yet. My wife decided to go car shopping yesterday, which killed my entire Saturday and having some errands and chores to run today. I did however quickly on Friday evening, locate a possible mounting location on the passenger side where I can make use of one of the brackets in the kit, it utilizes a bolt on the radiator. I also decided to paint the bracket black which I have accomplished. Thanks so much for your help and I will be sure to message you back when I get it done (or if I get in a jam). Best to you.
    Hermes1 ·
    I did not order anything additional to the kit. It just arrived a few minutes ago, the tubing that came with the kit is 40" long. I have not had a chance to look at the location you mentioned, but hope to get to it this weekend. Thanks.
    Hermes1 ·
    Hey Al, how is it going with you up north? Quick question as I have a catch can (Moroso) on the way to me. I saw your post with photos of your mounting solution, but could not tell where the bracket you made-up attaches to, can you enlighten an enthusiast with average wrenching skills? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
    CajunDodge ·
    Welcome to RamForumZ! Feel free to PM me or you can leave a message on my profile page if you need any help! :)

    - Cajun
    Chunkem ·
    Hello and welcome to the forum, we would love to hear from you! Drop me a message if you have any questions and please stop by the newbie section found here and introduce yourself...If you have any pics of your ride please feel free to post them when you introduce yourself......Nice to see that you already posted......See you on the boards!
    Stump3r ·
    Look forward to seeing you around the forum, drop me a message if there is anything I can help with.
    Welcome to the Z!
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