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  • Pman ·
    My problem as it boils down: They only made the Magnum V10 with the stick and CA emissions for 1 year. So the module I have, is one of the only few out there in the whole world it seems. I have been all over looking. On the net, the guy wants over $600 bucks but, still not sure it is even the right one. The first one I ordered, they called back and canceled it. Said they did not have one for me and gave me back my cash.

    I have a 1996 Dodge Ram, V10 (8L) with a 5 speed stick shift transmission. It is Dually, it has California emissions, It is an SLT, 3500, 4X4. The Voltage Regulator is in the ECM and is over charging the battery. The water temperature sensor may be out as well, the computer shows the engine is running a little cold. I ordered a new sensor and will try to install that first but, I still need to replace the ECM unless I can figure out an external voltage regulator. Any help would be great. Thank you.
    theTANK ·
    hey brad! i saw your posts with the chrome ram emblems. whats your thoughts on the paint you used? I would like to do the same thing and was a little taken back when I couldnt find ANY online for sale! Thanks!
    leebolinsky ·
    I really need some help getting the word out on the forum about a car show that the local FOOLS( Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society) is hosting on June 22nd. We are a non-profit organization that is trying to raise money for local burn centers. Can you help?
    JJs340 ·
    Thanks man. Still trying to figure out how to navigate around this site. Pretty cool from what I've seen so far.
    Doucet ·
    thank you i will because this is the first dodge i owned left gm after 14yrs so have alot of learning to do on this truck
    kwadnut ·
    Hi Brad,

    Thank you for the greeting. I'm sure I'll be in touch. Just waiting for the weather to clear so I can get started ripping and tearing on this beast. I totally rebuilt the underneath and repainted the frame up to the front cab mounts. What a pain in the a#&. Hopefully this year I can finish the underneath and get the body done. I have a new bed and front clip. I also got a racer back fairing, sun visor, wheel flares, and I will be adding a z-28 rear cowl induction functional scoop. I hope to have it painted in new camaro pearl green.
    mosestech99 ·
    Forgot to thank you for the warm welcome. The decent members on this forum make this place great to hang out and chat with other fellow ram owners.
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