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  • Rambunkshuss ·
    Hey brother... hows things going... thinkin bout ya, hope all is well buddy. We`re in clean up mode here in NY. We got hit with bad flooding... havent seen it this bad since 1972. If you wanna see some of the footage, go to youtube and type in the search for: Lodi NY Flood. Maybe this link will come thru >

    Later brother, hope all is well

    TheMystro ·
    Great. I love the Power Wagon. Its ride, power, and suspension are amazing for a HD truck. I even like the 6speed tranny much better than the 8speed that had its own quirks. There really isnt any options my last Laramie had that I miss on my PW. The PW is a completely different animal and it has all the necessary stuff like remote start, etc....
    Thunderhorse ·
    Your mailbox was full so I couldn't respond to your PM. At least half of your driveway will be the right color now LOL.

    Is it the pearlcoat or clearcoat white? At least you'll still have the full 6.4' box and the extra cab space will be nice
    bubba33 ·
    I'll do it myself end up always doing everything my self. I checked into having a auburn unit installed but the guy was crazy. 750 for the unit and 4 something to put it in. I dint think so, I can buy it under 4.
    Thunderhorse ·
    I had them installed. Too many components up front for me to want to try my first shock install on my still newish truck. Plus finding time would have been an issue. The rears would have been no problem at all.

    I talked to my dad, and his 2wd is super easy. He doesn't even need a spring compressor.
    Thunderhorse ·
    I would recommend an alignment any time you get new shocks or springs put on because they will make the truck sit ever so slightly differently from how it did with the old shocks. That especially goes for any lifting/lowering/leveling. I know the double control arm setup we have minimizes camber change throughout the suspension's travel, but it will still change somewhat and it doesn't have to be off by much for an irregular wear pattern to start. Once that happens its pretty much impossible to correct until you get new tires, especially with a more aggressive tread.
    Are you doing the Bilstein 5100s (I presume at 2.1)? What tires are you getting?
    Thunderhorse ·
    Yes, I got an alignment done right after the install. The alignment was also warranted for 6 months/6,000 miles so when I went back for tires a month later and they did an alignment check as part of the tire install. Everything was still within spec, but the camber was a tiny bit off (negative) so I had them zero everything out to make it perfect; it was free so there was no reason not to. I attribute the difference in camber to the shocks settling.
    Chunkem ·
    Look forward to seeing you around the forum, drop me a message if there is anything I can help with. If you haven't already please stop by the newbie section found here and introduce yourself. Show off pics of your Ram in the gallery! The how to's can be found here!

    Welcome to the Z!

    RogerRamJet ·
    Did you know that you just joined the greatest Ram forum on the block? Of course you did, that's why you're here. Thanks for joining. Stop by the Newbie Checkin section and introduce yourself. To help you navigate through our great forum, many of the "how to" threads can be found here. If you need some help with an issue about your Ram or the forum, I'll be happy to help or point you in the right direction. If you've got some knowledge and/or skill, please don't be shy. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with, I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. Welcome to the Ram ForumZ!

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