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  • BigD1981 ·
    Ok so question... One maybe im just a little slow but how do you post a question to the group? Two my question is I just bought a new stereo deck for my 08 ram 1500, and I had xm sirius that came stock with my truck. So when the new deck was put in they "said that they couldnt use my original antenna on top of the truck". So I have this stupid external antenna that they put in the corner of my window and the reception sucks.. I'm just seeing if thats true or not.. Thanks you'
    jmitchell55 ·
    i have a 2000 dodge ram 4x4 auto trans. from a stop i start out and it wont shift out of low
    i have to gas on it then back off it for it to shift then its fine any clue as to whats wrong it just started doing this so i changed filter and fluid its still doing it
    shepdog88 ·
    Hey cajun i'm shepdog out of Warner Robins,Ga Retired from the Army 2009 As a 31B I see you have a military group i would like to join.I have a 2014 Big Horn Bright Sliver and that breast under the hood.
    rustypipes12 ·
    Hi Cajun thanks for welcome, I have a 2009 Ram 1500 trx4 , I got in it the other day and all the warning lights started flashing, the gauges and speedometer dropped out and the wipers started going with the switch off. I looked at the fuses and tried taking off the cables and touchingthem together for 10 seconds with no luck. I appreciate any advice you could give! Thanks, Paul
    dougp47 ·
    Cajun Dodge thanks for stopping by. I do have a question one my oem break controller. I can manually lite the controller if I use the slide. If I hook up camper it will not see it on the controller aka say I have a trailer hooked up. Break light work on camper. Is the controller bad? Thanks
    Rwillams ·
    Again thanks for the welcome to your site and I hope there will many years of memories to share and receive with my second new ram truck.
    LizzyB ·
    hey Cajun Dodge. I see you're from Morgan City. I live in Houma and work for Fedex. Guess where mu route is. LOL. Yep Morgan City. Nice to meet you.
    Duhhsteedohh ·
    Hi i was trying to post in the classified section and it said something about not having some rights or something to do with contacting the administrator so any help would be great
    wepplerd63 ·
    Is the only starter wire on my 1997 dodge ram 1500 the dark blue/yellow wire on the steering column? that wire looks to be a 20 gauge wire and i need a starter wire thats at least a 10-14 gauge to hook up my keyless entry/remote start system to... is there a starter wire that thick somewhere on the truck?
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