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  • tonybinca ·
    Hi, I have a 2002 Quad Cab Sport with the 5.9 engine. I recently bought this truck and I'm waiting for a manual to come so I can learn more about the truck. I just noticed that the windshield wipers are not working. The fuse is good. There is also a place in the fuse box that says wiper high-low relay which has nothing plugged into it. I'm wondering if that is the problem. Also, someone had a DVD player plugged in under the dash and I'm wondering if something they did messed up the wiper switch? If you have any ideas about how I can track this problem down and fix it, I'd be very appreciative.
    rudyyoko ·
    I served in the Air Force for 26 years, I am now retired from the air force, but I still work on the same base i was last stationed at. I am an electronic engineer and I worked back shop avionics for two air frames, the F-111 when I first came in and the F15 around the mid career mark unitl i retired. Joining the air force was the best thing I ever did!
    jlc41 ·
    Maybe you can help me. I am getting an error msg. when I try to add to my sig. It says sig can't be more than 300 words. I am know where near that. Help, thanks.
    uh60topherram ·
    Hey I have a quick question what's the best way to put your rear axle into alignment without taking it to a shop to have it set kinda hard up on money
    Balkin6 ·
    Thanks for the welcome. I was think about DSP programer, CAI, ,throttle body/spacer to start. But was wondering if the throttle body spacer would be worth it or just go with a bigger throttle body?
    bcs1162 ·
    Was wanting to put a CB in my truck and VHF, FRS combo radio I bought lic for. I know wave pattern is not as good but I have seen combo antennas. Wanting at very least the best aftermarket combo Radio/SWR adjustable CB/ side band radio to replace my truck antenna if they make one. Don't listen to radio much, huge Kenny Rogers Fan and use Ipod. Want to take time and burn a huge stack of all my CD's to Hard Drive in Radio. Do you know of a good GMRS/FRS 5 watt combo CB or just CB/FM/AM antenna that could is could buy? One that would support a linear would be even better. Thanks hope I did not make this too long. If you look at pics of my truck no good place to mount antenna without drilling holes and having problems getting into garage. Thank you, BCS
    bcs1162 ·
    Canjun not sure how to post question, tried to join a no-ad group but don't understand paypal. Had a 6k Fraud posted to cc last Sunday so scared of using anything but cc.
    bcs1162 ·
    Hi Cajun, you were one of the first to welcome me. Never could figure this site out on small iphone. Have IPad Air and finally got some pictures posted. Wow reading you stats over 44k messages! Way to go!!!
    rumpity ·
    Thanks for your welcome to the club. I have read several posts by you, and you are clearly a great resource!
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