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  • Tupelo ·
    Hi Rad,

    Contacted Larry - seems like a nice guy - very responsive as you mentioned. His price is not the lowest, but I will let him know - at the very least (he is about 2K higher, but I need to confirm some items on the quote with the other dealer - make sure it is apples to apples).

    Need to PM something - just realized last post was online for everyone, and I don't really want to post it public. Since I can't PM yet - email me at [email protected] I will respond back.

    stefanAT ·
    Hi there, can't reply to your pm cause I don't have enough posts...
    Please send me a PM with an Eamil adress I can reply to an I give you the information you wanted.

    Stump3r ·
    Look forward to seeing you around the forum, drop me a message if there is anything I can help with.
    If you haven't already please stop by the newbie section found here and introduce yourself.
    Show off pics of your Ram in the gallery! The how to's can be found here!
    Welcome to the Z!
    CajunDodge ·
    Welcome to RamForumZ! Feel free to PM me or you can leave a message on my profile page if you need any help! :)

    - Cajun
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