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  • Pancho Coddou ·
    Hi, i wanted to ask you about the kor prerunner kit, does it has anything for the rear? it seams like it desn´t, i wanted to put a 1.5" spacer (like you did) or tgz 2.25" progeressive coil. what do you think about puting the kore kit at 3.5" an the 2.25" rear colis? would you guess that it would be more leveled than stock? (still not compleatly leveled of course) do you know the part number for the rear shocks that came with your kit? i´m afraid that they won´t be able to handle the 2.25 lift.
    Sorry for my bad english, i´m from Chile, we speak spanish down here.
    RedRam10 ·
    Jay, I have to say it is an addiction that is clean, fun and full of like-minded individuals. Glad to have you as a friend here and look forward to when I can put you through to the Orange Badge too.
    Toms Blue Ram 1500 ·
    Hey there , just checkin in to see how your doing enjoying the site . Theres a ton of information and over 25,000 members . So if theres anything you need , you can post up or shoot any of us Z staff a message and well be more than willing to help . Talk to ya soon . Tom
    RedRam10 ·
    Hi Jay, a warm Carolina welcome to the best RAM ForumZ on the web. I'm here to help you make the most of this great site.:Hey:
    CajunDodge ·
    Welcome to RamForumZ! Feel free to PM me or you can leave a message on my profile page if you need any help! :)

    - Cajun
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