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  • SS4Luck ·
    I tried to PM you back ut it said you werent accepting PMs

    Tw open holes in the front or the back?

    If they are in the back and assuming your truck comes with cargo lights (my dads 3rd gen has them) then there should be no reason you cant run LEDs.

    The stock rear cargo bulbs for 3rd gens are 921s so they brightest and best light for the money would be 921-CW12

    thats from
    can u let me know how those tires work out or send me pics i'm havin the hardest time finding info on wider street tires for our trucks. everyone levels and gets mt's.
    Toms Blue Ram 1500 ·
    Hey there , just checkin in to see how your doing enjoying the site . Theres a ton of information and over 20,000 members . So if theres anything you need , you can post up or shoot any of us Z staff a message and well be more than willing to help . Talk to ya soon . Tom
    CdnoilRAM ·
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