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  • Gen1dak ·
    Went and replied before I saw your request. Anyway, I've kinda stayed out of it because at some point, it's just about impossible to do this without actually being hands-on.
    JaimeZX ·
    Hey man, are you able to comment on my rebuild thread? I can barely get the truck to idle after putting it all back together. Timing is clearly off; backfires and dies after a few seconds.

    In this thread you kind of closed it out with a helpful post #7:

    I have a theory but not really any way to confirm it because I've never dealt with distributors before:

    Thanks very much for your time and thoughts.

    Jbooye ·
    Thanks for the advice with the 360 heads I was Just making sure because I have seen 2 options online for the re-man heads one for 94-97 and one from 98-01 is there a difference aren't they all magnum 5.9 after 94?
    Gen1dak ·
    Sorry for the delay. Most of the time I'm on an Ipod so I don't always notice the notice alerts. To your question, they can be swapped, but I'm not sure it's worth it. One, your computer might be upset by the sudden absence of the transfer case, but other than tripping the check engine light, no big deal. Two, the rear driveshaft is typically a different length between 2 and 4wd. Three, because of the transfer case, the main crossmember mount is most likely different as well. Bring all the goodies and it'll swap, but just unit for unit, no. The guts will swap, so you could change out the output shaft and tailshaft housing. That requires pretty much tearing them both down. Only difference is the cost.
    bear52484 ·
    Hi, I saw you answering a guys question about transmissions and I've got a similar question. I have a 99 1500 4x4 that wont shift past 2nd unless i red line the motor first. Figure it needs rebuilt, (or at least all new seals). Either way thats not the main question. I also have a 98 2x4 that at a glance seams to have the same trans (46RE i believe) is it possible to pull the trans from the 2x4 and implant it in the 4x4 until I have the time and money to rebuild the trans from the 4x4?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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