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  • bubblehead ·
    oh ok. so on that same website, the 35x12.50R20 is 10.1 wide, which is awesome because it should fit on my stock rim without a spacer right?
    bubblehead ·
    Thanks for that info. Its weird because on federal's website the specs for the 35x12.50R20 is like is the small measurements you said from actually seeing it, or just what you have heard?
    bubblehead ·
    Hey bro, you have a set of federal's on your truck right? Well i am shopping for tires(like this month) and noticed that they have the same tread pattern as the trail grapplers and for like $100 cheaper. do you like them and have they been good to you lol.
    CajunDodge ·
    Happy belated Birthday man! Saw it was your B-day the other day and I was in a rush to get to work but hope it was a good one! :)

    - Cajun
    JimsRamTruck2012 ·
    Do you have a date in mind? If I could I would head on down for it. As far as help goes I might be able to lend a hand for what it's worth.
    08Ram ·
    do you know if I would be able to fit 35x12.50 on my 08 ram with 20" stock rims I have a 2" leveling kit and I heard that I would need a 1/4" spacer , I kinda wanted to put 1" or 1.5" wheel spacers on to have the wheels stick out a little more. thanks
    bradm ·
    thanks Kyle!!!
    just purchased my first ram and this site has already helped make a few choices on parts/upgrades down the road!


    kittpowell1 ·
    How do you like your federal tires after much searching I think these are the ones im going to go with i drive alot do they wear good?
    pingraldi ·
    hey buddy, thx. just saw this. Air Suspension...whats your take? Had bad experience with TLC....just bought Airlift 1000's.......
    suzieq8262 ·
    I just wanted to say thank u. I do have some questions I hope I can get answered. I have 96 dodge ram magnum 5.9 360 I'm having problems gettin my truck 2 fire. It turns over but won't fire. The previous owner replaced the plenum gasket along w distributor rotor plugs wires and I bought a new coil an oil sending unit but still not starting. The oil was a quart over full so I went to drain it and there was some gas in the oil making it thin. Could this b the problem? I was told it could also b the crank position sensor. I'm at a loss and need it goin asap cause I have baby to get. To doc apt
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