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  • radkawi ·
    I saw the rules however I thought they were posted and then reviewed for error/mistakes. Misunderstanding on my part but thank you for taking the time to reply. Have a good evening.
    radkawi ·
    GT, First time doing this so it may be me. I tried posting a set of LED tail lights and projector head lights off my 2014 1600 a few hours ago however there is no thread, like nothing there. Any idea why they are not showing up? Thanks, Jason
    GTyankee ·
    I had an address change & Paypal would not let me change it in the normal way
    I had to keep trying different ways of making the change
    I was on the verge of emailing them

    Keep the Z going :)
    Harley38 ·
    You're welcome. This is a great site and while I don't contribute a lot to the threads, I read a lot of the threads and have received some great advice/help. So, I want to support the Forum some way. Thanks again.
    Downsouth63 ·
    can you please turn off my automatic renewal of 12.50 please because i dont see the option to do this on my end.. thank you very much
    TexasExpress ·
    Is there any way to get my thread project fakesport moved to the 2014 section? I didn't realize I posted it in the technical support section.
    burton12387 ·
    How long does it typically take for my post in the ram truck accessories for sale to show up? Posted yesterday afternoon.
    Traakon ·
    hey, NP. I have learned over the years that a good forum community is:
    always in need of member support
    always in need of member participation
    always in need of member feed back
    always in need of financial backing

    Treat a forum right and it will pay you back in spades.
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