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  • Nimz ·
    Appreciate the quick details, that looks so original and us with the full center console have a lack of options for CB radio placement.
    Nimz ·
    Duuude. Please tell me how you managed to fit that CB radio in the center console slot.
    GTyankee ·
    Howdy & Welcome to the RamforumZ

    You are in a very good location to do Pilot Car work
    Interstate 8 is pretty much closed to Oversize Loads from El Centro to Yuma, due to road construction. Most of the Loads are coming & going through Blythe/Ehrenberg

    I start doing Pilot Car work in 2004

    When i mounted my sign & had my lights, flags, CB radio, First Aid Kit & 3 cones, i looked for someone fairly close to me that was in the business. I asked him if he would allow me to ride with him on a couple local jobs, i just needed to actually see what a Pilot Car person is suppose to do, of course i was not going to get paid except in education.
    I also went to a Pilot Car Class & bought better insurance, because i planned on working in other States that have different requirements than California.

    bookmark this website(s)

    Good Luck
    TruckCentral ·
    Hello brother. Would love to chat with you some time. I too am in Cali. but most importantly am thinking of getting into pilot car biz. I am a now retired truck driver of 20yrs. So I am trying to do what I love but stay out of the bigger trucks.
    GTyankee ·
    I am in Cali, i was watching the Weather Channel

    I am doing little things to the 2009, i need to sell it soon
    Its getting a damp around the transmission, no drips yet, so i put it in the dealership to have a gasket or seal replaced, its a freebie fix.
    Next week i will start an AD or 2 to sell it

    Take Care,
    GTyankee ·
    The 2016 Ram that i just ordered Monday is already in D status

    It will be coming with chrome bumpers & i wanted painted bumpers
    my choices are
    use 3M colored wrap over the chrome, which i may still do
    replace the chrome with painted bumpers, either ones off of Sport, or use the ones off of my '09, which has the horizontal fog lights that i prefer
    Arth ·
    Sorry for the delayed response. I know it can be done because I have seen a yellow 2009 or 2010 Ram that was running the 2013+ bumpers on it. I saw this truck at Gatlinburg in 2014 and I think I even have pictures of it.

    It's kind of obvious it's an older Ram because it has the older dual style headlights.

    Above all else GT I can tell you the frame hasn't changed... mainly because the tow hooks are exactly the same from 2009-2016. Guess what, tow hooks hook directly to the front of the frame.

    Tell your parts department to step outside of their box every once in a while.
    ffred ·

    I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at my thread:

    Basically, I'm wondering whether:
    1.) your replacement glass came like mine
    2.) If not, what did it have extra? Black border outlining the glass perhaps?
    2.) What is the purpose of this plastic thing (is it a holder for the glass, and did it came with the replacement glass or you have simply re-used it?)
    Ruffrider13 ·
    Yeah I'd heard that other places as well. Thank you! I'll be ordering the flares soon hopefully, have a sport, not sure which finish I'm gonna go with, the one that ends at the headlights or right down to bottom of bumper. Yours look really good!
    GTyankee ·
    It is pretty constant thickness over the full flare

    The only issue that i had to deal with, was that you have to stretch rubber gasket that fits in between the flare & the fender itself, just a bit
    They don't give you 1/4 extra
    Ruffrider13 ·
    How much extra coverage do your Bushwacker "OE" flares give? Is it the .5 of an inch the whole way around? Or is there less than that at the top of the front flares? What about the bottoms of the fronts?

    Looking at getting some but want to make sure I'm doing the right thing first
    GTyankee ·
    I rotated the mirror downwards, if you were sitting in the seat, you could see the ground
    Then i rotated it outwards
    Then i put 2 of my fingers of each hand behind the mirror & my thumbs were holding the face of the mirror.
    Then i pulled the top of the mirror towards my chest
    It doesn't tilt out very far
    Then gently lift the mirror upwards & look behind the glass to see where everything fits
    Then you can rest the glass on your chest & see the 2 wires

    I am sure you can figure it out easily enough :)
    mexi757 ·
    Thanks for the pics and info on the thread relating my puddle lamp issue. But Now im having a problem taking the mirror apart and was hoping you could help since you have done it. In the Haynes manual it says to remove black housing around the mirror and then remove any wiring after that. Well i was able to take that housing off but was not able to take the mirror out or anything. I actually broke it a lil bit by trying to pull it out. Because now it will not move left. So I'm not trying to screw it up more. If you can help out with any tips or exact way of doing that would be awesome!! Thanks again for your time and help.
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