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  • Jimbh1969 ·
    That's fantastic! That will round things out for the truck........for now. I am in Ohio, what would be the best way for you to set up the sale? do you use PayPal?
    Jimbh1969 ·
    Hello, I just joined the forum looking for options for my recently purchased 2010 1500 Big Horn. The one option I am missing is the uconnect. My truck has the RES 130s unit. Do you still have the RER for sale? looks like a better option for me.
    Toms Blue Ram 1500 ·
    Hey there , just checkin in to see how your doing enjoying the site . Theres a ton of information and over 11,000 members . So if theres anything you need , you can post up or shoot any of us Z staff a message and well be more than willing to help . Talk to ya soon . Tom
    MightyBlueRam ·
    Welcome to the forumZ! If you need any help with the site, just ask any of the staff members or myself by clicking on the user name. - Teo
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