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  • Firecat21 ·
    Hi, I see you have had some issues with the ride quality of your truck. I'm trying to figure out the best way to smooth out the ride on my 2014 Big Horn on uneven, rippled and cracked asphalt.
    My truck take the big bumps great and is solid as a rock, but I'd like to get the ride smoother throughout the range of speeds I drive. I know the 20's are probably the main culprit but I have read so many mixed comments from members here that I'm a bit confused.

    Some say their 20's are smooth as glass, maybe they aren't as fussy or don't have the same expectations or maybe the air ride.

    I already changed from the GY tires to Michelins and still get the harshness. I bought the Michelins at Town Fair Tire which gives you a 30 day test drive on the tires so I still have options to try something different. Maybe try a set of 17 or 18 in wheels??

    Sorry for the bother. I'm trying to get the ride as good as I can before my Tire test drive runs out. Thanks for your time--- Al
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