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  • LowUFO ·
    Yeah all good here too, brother. I don't get on the boards much either. Although I do still drive the same truck. No meets either. Who has time, really? Glad that Revel is doing well. I assumed it was, to be honest. Oh yeah, expecting another son come September. Crazy right?
    rathesupreme ·
    I am interested in your billet accessories, what would you take for everything together with catch can included? Do you think the color would look good with a deep cherry red crystal colored truck? Do you do PayPal? Let me know!
    jackoamerica ·
    I ain't really slow slow at posting etc, on here I guess. Been a year, so I am doing I have to apologize for not continuing the conversation. Retired, moved, etc, etc, so always an excuse? Hope to become more involved, or at least check the page out occasionally. I do appreciate the little notices about the forum, and that is what prompted me to get on here today and post a couple photos. Ya doing a good job, and it is no easy task keeping something like this going... Thanks.....jack... Still have the Dodge, but did get an old 91 Wrangler for riding the dirt
    2000dodgeramlover ·
    Thank you very much randy for welcoming me to this awesome forum!!!! :) If you have the time to, please check my latest post on here. Any advice is appreciated.-David Shrum
    james64 ·
    Thank you. I am happy to come aboard and be part of the Dodge Ram Forum. I do have a question. Maybe you or somebody you know can help me. I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab with the 4.7 Magnum V-8. I could not find a listing for the 4.7 Magnum V-8, in the Dodge Ram Forum. Any way, when I get out on the highway and get it to about 2000 RPM'S or a little more, it makes a whining noise and then quits. I cannot figure it out. I had the transmission fluid changed professionally a while back. I had to take it back, because it ended up a quart low. They said they could find no leaks. Now it is running about a half quart low. Never had any problems before the transmission oil change. Really concerned about the noise. Got any ideas? thanks. James.
    CobraStang ·
    Thank you for the welcome note Randy, I have participated in several forums for past vehicles and this is one of the friendliest sites I have seen.

    Hemi78 ·
    Hey back on the forum , felt my truck didn't live up to the forum, but now it does check out my pics.
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