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  • CajunDodge ·
    Wow, yes it has been a long time! Welcome back and congrats on your new to you truck! Good to hear from you and hope to see you back around again! :)

    - Cajun
    tonybinca ·
    Hi, I have a 2002 Quad Cab Sport with the 5.9 engine. I recently bought this truck and I'm waiting for a manual to come so I can learn more about the truck. I just noticed that the windshield wipers are not working. The fuse is good. There is also a place in the fuse box that says wiper high-low relay which has nothing plugged into it. I'm wondering if that is the problem. Also, someone had a DVD player plugged in under the dash and I'm wondering if something they did messed up the wiper switch? If you have any ideas about how I can track this problem down and fix it, I'd be very appreciative.
    jaxn ·
    Any way to contact anyone that has something for sale if you don't have 75 posts and they don't accept PM's.
    Mick ·
    HELP! I have major issues... Repair shop says my ECM is bad, symptoms started with hard starts then shifting issues(took too long out of 1st and wouldn't come out of 2nd then "fixed itself") . Now it wont start at all not even with a jump. Doesn't seem to be accepting the charge from through the jumper cables. Don't know what to do next...
    hemi03ram ·
    Thanks for the warm welcome! You got yourself a great looking truck! I will be adding a couple pictures of mine hopefully soon
    jhue51 ·
    Mine is old and rough around the edges but been a good truck and i love driving it. Again thanks for the welcome
    RansRAM ·
    Hi Ed, nice to here from you. How have you been doing ? No I have not dove there yet, perhaps this year however it's not planned yet. I will be in the Caymen Islands over Easter with my Son diving, getting pumped for that now. Take care Randy
    ramvan2500 ·
    I noticed you replyed to a couple other members posts mainly transmission problems and you stated you didn't really know anyone around the forum off the top of your head that specializes in transmissions. Well you do, me! So next time feel free to recommend someone on the forum to me cause I really love looking around the forum for transmission issues because I really enjoy talking transmission lol... Of course so I don't be a horder, TransEngineer who is another member is obviously a big transmission guy as well and would love you to recommend other to him as well.
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