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  1. Dodge Ram Daytona Recall?

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    Got another recall notice. Passenger side air bag.. waiting on parts from the Dealer..
  2. taillight plastic frame

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    the product I used is, "MAGIC MOUNTS High Performance Mounting Tape". From Pepboys. Its black a little wider than the plastic frame so I used a razor knife and gently cut off the excess tape. Looks good and is holding well.
  3. taillight plastic frame

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    I just replaced my taillight lens. I need to reattach the Orange plastic frame that goes over the lens. what is the best product to use. It looks like a rubber type two sided tape.
  4. Daytona Production numbers

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    wiki needs updating. My Daytona 4X2 in GoMango is number 01306.
  5. Dodge Ram Daytona Recall?

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    2005 Dodge Ram trucks equipped with a 9.25 rear axle. The rear axle pinion nut on your truck may have been built without an adhesive patch on the pinion nut threads. If you have questions or concerns which your local dealer is unable to resolve, contact the FCA Recall Assistance Center at...
  6. engine dies

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    Engine dies at a stop sign or light. don't know why?:4-dontknow:
  7. Daytona towing

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    05 Daytona 2wd single cab. will it pull a car trailer with a 3900lb car on it? I tried to rent a car trailer from uhaul and the website said they will not rent it to me. Truck is not big enough to tow....I want to take my 1970 300 Hurst to get worked on..
  8. Wing back to black?

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    Back to Black Tried that, not worthy of my time and effort.
  9. Wing back to black?

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    What is the best product to bring my wing back to black, and the other black plastic parts on the truck?
  10. surging

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    05 Hemi surges at times. Motor sometimes dies when letting off the gas pedal. No codes to retrieve. Motor is all stock with 70,000 miles on it.. Why is it surging and dieing???
  11. 05 Borla Exhaust

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    My 05 tona has Borla Exhaust. What brand of headers will bolt right up to my exhaust without having to modify anything?? Or will the stock exhaust manifolds give me the same throughput as headers? RichyRich001:4-dontknow:
  12. Louisiana check it

    South East
    New Orleans here....West Bank
  13. Raced a mid 80's Vet today

    Dodge Ram Daytona
    V10 or you could get a Viper thats a bad azz truck.. that will be my next truck..
  14. What did you drive B4 your Ram......

    Off Topic Discussion
    I drove a 99 chrysler 300M. then Katrina took it, that bitch...
  15. Louisiana check it

    South East
    New Orleans in the house.. 05 Ram Daytona, 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst (project car)