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  • Paul R. Covington ·
    Hi Roger and thank you. Its snowing and i need help fast. My 96 1500 4x4 will not acuate the fuel relay when the key is turned. The pump is good and I have checked all of the fuses's. Is it a broke ground? Ignition switch? Ecm? Thanks for any help.
    Wirefly ·
    Where should I go to start a thread? I have a 2005 Ram 1500 Lonestar 5.7L Sport pkg. I am having issues with finding the proper shock replacement and I believe it is because of the Lonestar pkg. I was told that there are parts of my truck that are 2500 and other parts that are the simple 1500. Where would I go to get answers on this?
    Caje ·
    I thought so too. Checked with a different dealer, same response. Guess I'll keep hammering dealers. Thanks for the response. BTW, I found the connector.
    Caje ·
    Good Day to you. A question regarding brake lights. This is the first vehicle I've owned that the ignition switch has to be on in order for the brake lights to work. It is a 2012 1500. Dealer says that it is supposed to be that way for that year model. Your thoughts?
    Flywaterrob ·
    Navigation is a bit of an issue for me. I have made comments / posed questions on a couple of "strings", ( I think that is the correct term), but then have difficulty finding those strings on subsequent visits. Thanks
    Iceman44 ·
    Appreciate your answer to my ? Yes there is a bunch out there. From what my research tells me, a cat back for a 5.7 hemi will bolt up to the V6. I'm not concerned too much with low end torque as I probably won't be towing much. I'd like to eliminate the flat spots I'm experiencing. Looking at Gibson and MBRP, also Flowmaster Force II. Back pressure is an evil necessity on a stock motor. For $30.00 I'll also try a throttle body spacer-can't hurt, but maybe a waste. I definitely will be eliminating the resonator and stock muffler. Thanks for your time.
    Iceman44 ·
    Looking for solid advice on exhaust upgrade. 3.6l Pentastar 4X4. Have been building/riding Harley Davidsons for over 45 years, and am fond of performance. I'm in winter mode and would like to 'upgrade' my truck. Air intake has made huge difference, but I need to breathe out. restricted by the cat. Will a cat back dual make a difference? Not at all afraid to do by myself, but don't want to waste money on sound only. Hemi would be nice, but the 6 is what i have. Mopar rules!
    TVL ·
    Thanks! Can you answer a question for me? I've been trying to post an item in the for sale section. The first two tries were my fault because I didn't have a sign with ramforumZ and my username, but the third time I had the sign on my item. It still hasn't shown up in the for sale area. Am I doing something wrong?

    Teufel Hunden ·
    thank you sir. ive been reading a lot on here for years but for some reason never made the leap to signup. there has always been a ton of info up here and that's how I got around to lifting my last 4x2 ram before I sold it and got a new 4x4. yall are awesome round here. thanks again.
    JRivers ·
    Thank you Very much Roger!
    For now, I'm just trying to get to know my truck, find it's specs, etc. I also got the factory shop manual (from Ebay), and the haynes repair manual.
    I do have an issue with the AC that I have not figure it out and the horn does not work. That I think I want to repair first.
    What's a good place to buy quality parts?
    Skimmer ·
    Thank you for the pleasant welcome to the forum. Personally pretty familiar with forums, having been a part of a few for about 15 years. Not so familiar wit the Ram trucks. My first car was a Dodge, but haven't owned any since then (way back in 1976) Loving the truck, barring the shifting issue. Which has been the reason for me finding, and becoming, a member here. I hope to learn a lot of things while I am here. And will greatly appreciate the input of fellow members, and the sharing of their knowledge. I have found these types of forums a great place to meet people, learn from them, and create lasting friendships. Again thanks for the warm welcome. I took the time to update my stats, so people can get a little better idea of who I am. Skimmer
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