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  • warren-4545 ·
    I have a remote start issue with the FoB.I hit the remote start button 2 times as shown and the truck lights come on followed by a faint click noise so I opened the truck door to find that remote start aborted use key to start I do this and nothing so I play with the door locks locking and unlocking them 2 times put key into ign switch and truck starts is this normal for a 2011 ram 1500 4X4 4.7L motor?
    Jcam ·
    Hello dodge folks I have a 94 Dakota 3.9:magnum automatic my problem is that most of the time it runs as smooth as silk and then all the sudden I'll crankmit up and it starts popping and backfiring through the exhaust and it overloads when it does this the engine is throttle bodied can somebody plz help?..........
    Storm ·
    I do have a question I posted a question about 3 days ago and no one has viewed it. maybe I am posting in the wrong spot. my question was about my clutch being squeaky and I wanted to lubricate it. but I don't know where to lubricate it, where should I post that?
    ssellers92 ·
    my computer doesnt have an adobe player, so i cant see any of the how to vids... how do i post a picture of my truck on here?
    blown04mystic ·
    Hey, I have another issue. I am trying to upload some photos of stuff I have for sale, but the site keeps telling me that a security token is missing. Any idea what I need to do? Thanks.
    Desert Ram ·
    Oh I hear yeah on the trash deal, I've been using them plastic bags from the store
    just have to make sure there are no hole in them for the soda cans ;) I keep a couple
    in the upper door pocket so I can get to them quick...Enjoy the New Adventures !
    blown04mystic ·
    hey, I'm trying to contact other members about purchasing stuff they have for sale, but I keep getting the message that says that I don't have enough posts. Is there any way around this?
    Coolemoff1 ·
    trying to figure out how to post
    ive done many mods to my ram and would like to maybe share advice knowledge with others
    also have many oem parts to sell
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