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  • Jayincali ·
    If you want to meet face to face I will sell them to you for $200. There is a wire coming off the miror with 2 plugs, take off the door panel and both plugs will plug into the 2 ports on your door. Takes about 15 minutes or so to replace both mirrors.
    Jayincali ·
    I have read a few people installed the loaded mirrors on to their Express, then had the dealer flash the pcm and everything worked. Here is a responce from Ram Tech in the ask a tech forum. I think the dealer needs to upload the option codes for the mirrors to work.

    Brad12kx was kind enough to pass along his VIN and here's what I came up with - it appears that all the door modules are the same with regard to capability, so those shouldn't be an issue. The two option codes I found are LEBP for the supplemental signals and LECP of the puddle lamps. If the system will allow the dealer to program in these option codes, the tech should be able to reconfigure the truck and they should work. If the system won't allow them to add in these options, ask them to file a STAR case and see if they can help.
    Jayincali ·
    The mirrors? Yes it came with the blinkers/puddle lamps in the mirrors. I'm actually selling mine as I got a color matched set on now. You looking for a set?
    crowbarr1 ·
    Ok on your vent trim did you start on the outside or inside and your center dash did you have to separate the side parts from the center to do them?
    Jayincali ·
    Yes when I saw you lived so close I thought the same deal. Yes MOD bug hit me pretty hard, wife might leave me later as I love my truck a lot and buy it more things lol.
    Jayincali ·
    Hey Whats up man. I work about 5 minutes from yoru area. I'm right off Kimbal and Euclid. I live off Vineyard and 6th street area, so still not far at all.
    CajunDodge ·
    Welcome to RamForumZ! Feel free to PM me or you can leave a message on my profile page if you need any help! :)

    - Cajun
    ShawnC13 ·
    Welcome and congrats on joining the best RAM forum on the web. If there is anything I can help you with let me know. Once again let me welcome you to the Z!
    RansRAM ·
    Hello, I’d like to personally welcome you to this awesome forum, the best place on the web for information on your RAM. Glad to have you aboard.
    If you haven't already done so please stop by the newbie section found here and introduce yourself. Enjoy the forum.

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