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  • Greed1 ·
    Could you put together a kit for my truck? I really want to get rid of the awful orange oem map and dome lighting and put some nice bright white led's in there place. Anywhere else I could utilize the bright white led's also. Also point me in the right direction on where to buy? Thank you.
    GWHgoatboy ·
    If you still specing LED for folks. Would you be able to give me a list of bulbs and any other misc stuff I would need. I have two vehicles

    1. 2015 Ram looking for license plate, reverse, cargo-third brake, in pure white. Interior dome, map lights and possibly the little light that shines down on the cup holders in Red. Also any recommendations for a light to add under the dash by your feet also in red.

    2. 2014 Ram, license plate, reverse, cargo-third brake, in pure white. Also is it possible to put red LEDS into stock non LED equipped brake light housing? If so those as well. Interior, dome, in pure white.

    If your no longer specing out bulbs for folks no problem. If you are thank you very much. I'm not very good at this sort of work.
    Moons2012ram ·
    Hi SS4Luck. I was wondering if you could make me a list with part numbers of the led bulbs I need for my truck. I would like all possible bulbs to be white led excluding bulbs that would be behind the dash. I have a 2012 ram 2500. If you need any additional info please let me know. Thank you VERY MUCH for you help!!
    freddie02f ·
    Hey bro I have a 2014 ram 1500 laramie I want to add l.e.d interrior lights and reverse, license plate and cargo lights l.e.d 6000k. But I dont know the bulb sizes.
    can u help me out on the sizes and where to buy? Plz thanks bud
    NY Ram 86 ·
    SS4Luck, I really like your setup with the blue interior and exterior lighting. Is this something a beginner can accomplish? Also, where did you find these LED lights and will the same model numbers fit in a 2013? I can't PM you as of now so any help would be great! Thank you.
    boomboy2011 ·
    Hi SS4Luck,,,,can you provide me where you bought your led light also what model did you use for each,,,, I really like your bright licence plate one so if you can provide me with that info ?
    Bgrthnurhemi ·
    I am getting ready to do the big 3 on my truck and ran across a thread where you posted you had done this and posted some great pics. My post count is not high enough to pm so I was hoping I could ask you some questions here:

    1) How much 1/0 awg do I need to do the big 3 on my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew 5.7?

    2) Did you use OFC or CCA? Does it matter?

    3) Did you upgrade your battery? If so, what did you go with?

    4) Did you use battery terminals with the 1/0 awg? If so, which ones?

    5) What alternator did you upgrade to? Model number? Brand?

    I am upgrading my audio system for the 5th time (I can't make up my mind :4-looney:) and I will be running a MTX 7804 4 channel amp to power (4) 6x9 jbl gto938's, and a t1500-1bdcp mono amp to power a pair of sa-12 d2 subs.

    Any feedback on the big 3 and what else you think I will need to juice up my electrical to power those amps and subs would be great. Oh I also did the v6 fan mod, so that effects the electrical as well. Thanks.
    Oly Olson ·
    Hi, Computrer challenged senior citizen with white 1500 ram would like to join your group. For some reason I can't find the link to join. Any hint would be appreciated. Thank you, Oly
    tachel403 ·
    Hey im just about to order the bulbs for my 2011 ram sport, so i came here to find the bulb sizes which worked but i cant seem to find a palce to order the 4410 dome light and for the style of the 921 for map lights which one did you go with since there is several different kinds. i would really appreciate it if you could answer this for me.
    h3mi1007 ·
    Hey man I see u get a lot of questions on lights and i had a few on leds. I tried findin out thru your posts but couldn't find some things. I love ur set up with the cargo reverse and license lights. I Beleive I read ur running 921-b12 on cargo and reverse but what is ur license plate lights and are u getting ur bulbs from . Thanks in advance
    Eastsider99 ·
    Hey I was just looking on lots of forums on lights and I'm trying to find what is the best set of hid lights for my 2011 sport ram I see that you must be the professional on lights any help would be awesome thanks
    j3andit ·
    whats up man. i hear you know it all about interior and exterior lighting. wondering if you can help me out. i have a 2012 ram 1500 express. 5.7 hemi. i want to change all the lights. going to start with exterior. can you recommend some lights for the hi/lows and fogs. i think i want 55w 8k for the heads. any help would be great. thanks in advance.
    reckster360 ·
    Hey man, I see you upgraded your alternator to the mechman 270, I was wondering, does it completely swap out with the stock one? I want to do the same on mine. Sick truck man. hit me up at [email protected] if you can Thanks!
    Rug 15 ·
    hey.. so i want to do led accents.. in my bed.. and where my feet would go in cab... buttt I HAVE NOOOO idea how to wire stuff like that.... can you help? and i was at auto zone today.. saw the led strips they have? will that work? or is that dumb.... any help would be great pm if you could
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