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  • guy65 ·
    well, I don't want to whine around- but read this low profile "dude's" answer - go to 2019 RAM fuel economy thread, last page and read his posts, read my post and then tell me, how I deserve an answer like this- in no means did I discredit him, only I corrected him in a statement, where he tells someone else, that he knows more than anyone else, like "read a book, dude".

    The point is- I do not see a reason, why I should talk to someone any different, as he talks to me- I'm not an assclown and also not a "dude".
    h2oman ·
    Hey buddy,

    Can you add a sticky for BBQ for me in ask the Chef please? I don't have that authority.'


    N901 ·
    Thank you!... you seem to be in the same boat as me. Looking at all of those plus the Toyo open country AT2's. I've had the original KO's on a previous pickup and liked them a lot but I do more highway driving the anything else and I am concerned about mpg loss. I have the Michelin MS2's on now and was never really happy. Feel they wore quickly and were terrible in the snow. The Defender LTX's get good reviews but Im a little gun shy to go with Michelin again.
    N901 ·
    Hey Thunderhorse... would you buy the KO2's again? Also, what sort of mpg loss did you see?
    ramboxhemi ·
    Hey Horse, I just saw the announcement that newbies should post in the "HELP ZONE". I
    had to look for fifteen minutes to find it. I don't think that "newbies" would really be able to find it. I really had to look hard. Still, it is not where anyone posts anymore.
    seniorjumper82 ·
    Hey Thunderhorse how do I go about getting the little armed forces badge under my name? I’m active army (18yrs) this month�� Thanks.
    CajunDodge ·
    Thanks for the congrats man, really appreciate it, just realized it yesterday morning lol! Glad to be here and thank you for all you do here as well! :smileup:

    - Cajun
    dafoot ·
    Thunderhorse. As I stated before, I respect your knowledge of the Ram. I have a question. I have a 17, hemi with 392 gears. All I do with the Ram is pull a 5k boat. I really like the Ram, however I don't like the downshifting. MPG is horrible. Would I be better off with the 3.0 eco diesel? I know the MPG would be better, just not sure on pulling power. Thanks.
    bubba33 ·
    Bright white. I didn't want the green one and the silver one sold. I wanted all those options and crew 6.4 bed. They are hard to find around here..
    bubba33 ·
    Thanks man, I'm not planning on getting bigger tires. I like the look better with it lifted a little. I was going to to do the back 2 in too. I just put new struts and shocks on my daughter's g6. I'M going to earth it and see if the tires start to wear, it drives real straight and smooth.Did you put your shocks on yourself.
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