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      Seabees? Can you post pictures? Did you install this and if so did you take pics of the parts prior to installing?

      CrazyJerry the 8 pin plug that goes into the 8.4 bezel is actually part 030700-1081 not 030700-1071 the connector is manufactured by molex at digikey among other places. Duneflyer stated in earlier post that this was actually a 12 pole connector it is not, the four extra outside holes are used to release the TPA from the connector shell. Here is a website that sells it, and the part no for the pins is 34083-3001. FYI if you look thru the 2d drawing you will see that dimensions of the plug, there are three flavors of the 8 pin, the difference is the location of the keyway on the bottom, I actually was able to open the 3d model and verify the 1081 is correct.


      also avail at


      If you seach you maybe able to find a website that has them on hand, I belive both of these sites are out of stock
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      Kid I posted the 8 pin for the back of the hvac in a previous post.

      I have good news on the 24 pin as well, the male connector is easy, the female connector however is only available in a board mounted type. not a show stopper though. Correction possible non board type female connector.
      FYI the gender of the connector shell and gender of the pins for it are opposite, EX the male connector uses female pins etc.

      Here is the 24 pin connector male
      here are the pins
      here is the 24 pin connector female socket type
      here is the 8 pin connector for the hvac bezel


      also avail at

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      Need help on parts for harness..

      Just need to know if this is everything I need to make my own plug n play harness

      24 Pin Male - Connector:
      24 Pin Male - Pins:
      24 Pin Female - Connector:
      24 Pin Female - Pins:
      08 Pin Female - Connector:
      08 Pin Female - Pins:

      AWG/Gauge 20 / 0.5
      AWG/Gauge 22 / 0.35

      I can borrow the crimp tool from my dads shop so that part is taken care of.


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